Beiseker Colony School (Multi-Level)

Located in West Haven Colony (Crossfield Area)

Principal: Fraser Montgomery

Address:  P.O. Box 368
Beiseker, AB, T0M 2A0
Phone:  403-947-2382
Fax: 403-947-2617

School Profile

Grade Configuration: Kindergarten - Grade 9
Student Population: 16
Number of Teachers: 1
Number of Support Staff: 1

Foundation Statements

Vision:  To become a school of 21st century learners whereby all levels of learning are met and accommodated for.

Mission:  To bring our math to varying levels by looking at student abilities and then using some of the new math resources to bring the more able students up into the 21st century of learners.

Beliefs/Principles:  That with the right encouragement and instruction, students can take on new challenges, such as the new math curriculum, and believe in themselves enough to give it their best try.


Unique features of our school include:

Beiseker Colony School is a one room schoolhouse that encompasses 10 grades working mostly at curriculum. Parents are impressed that their children can learn so well in an environment where there is a wide variety of grade levels being taught at the same time in the same space. Even though we are a one-room schoolhouse, the development of 21st Century competencies is an important part of our practice.

How do we define success for Beiseker Colony students?

Success for our students comes in different forms due to the wide spectrum of student abilities in class. Foremost, if the students are happy in their environment, they are enjoying school, and if they are enjoying school, then they can learn. Individual success is defined by how much each student has grown in his/her work and if a task has become easier or still remains a challenge.

What makes our school good and how do we know?

What makes Beiseker Colony School good is that we don't become stagnant in our methods of teaching and learning. As instructors, we are continually looking for new approaches or better methods to old tasks. We use what is working and change what is not to ensure our students achieve success.

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