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Bow Valley High School (9-12)

Located in the Town of Cochrane

Principal: Rob Kimura

Address: 2000 River Heights Drive
Cochrane, Alberta, T4C 1Y8
Phone: 403-932-9005
Fax: 403-932-9094
Email: bowvalley@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://bowvalley.rockyview.ab.ca

HP_bowvalleySchool Profile

Grade Configuration:
Grade 9 - 12
Student Population: 520
No. of Staff: 44


Attendance Area Map: Bow Valley High

Education Plan

2011 -2014 —School Education Plan (Year 3)

Quotes from Parent Advocates

"The connections that my children have made with the staff and teachers at Bow Valley High School have been inspiring, encouraging, caring, and have led to many positive experiences and outcomes. The size of Bow Valley High School allows for the students and staff to create a positive learning relationship." Parent of a Grade 10 and Grade 12 student

“They say it takes a village to raise a child and with the staff at Bow Valley High School, I know my teenage sons are getting a good education and they are being mentored for life after high school. Thank you BVHS for being apart of my family’s village.” Parent of a Grade 11 student


How do we define success for Bow Valley students?

Students connect positively with people and ideas allowing them to excel in their academic experience within a universal learning environment.

What makes our school good and how do we know?

Bow Valley is committed to the creation of a universal learning environment. BVHS has created a positive and diverse learning and working environment that encourages strong relationships and collaboration between students, staff, parents, and the community. As a result of this foundation there is high level of participation and involvement and a strong desire by students and staff to achieve well-rounded success. These accomplishments are celebrated within BVHS and recognized by local and extended communities. Participation and enrolment in Leadership initiatives continues to grow. This has had a positive impact on the climate in the building for staff and students. The Leadership Academy offers a unique opportunity for the top leadership students in the division to acquire leadership skills and build leadership capacity throughout the division. This initiative has been recognized nationally. Numerous partnerships with local, provincial and federal organizations have enabled us to support students and to remove barriers. BVHS celebrates continued strong results from school and provincial assessment measures which are reflected in our School Annual Results Report. As a result of collected data and feedback, we have been able to respond in an efficient manner to support our learning community.

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