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Chestermere Lake Middle School (6-9)

Located in the City of Chestermere

Principal: Tammy Rahn

Address: 128 West Lakeview Drive,
Chestermere, Alberta, T1X 1J8
Phone: 403-273-1343
Fax: 403-569-8493
Email: clms@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://chestermd.rockyview.ab.ca

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School Profile

Grade Configuration:
Grade 6 - 9
Student Population: 618
No. of  Staff: 39


Attendance Area Map: Chestermere Lake Middle

School Education

2011-2015 School Education Plan (Year 4)

Quotes for Parent Advocates

Being a parent volunteer at Chestermere Lake Middle School was a very rewarding experience. I met new friends and discovered how much volunteers are valued and appreciated by all the staff and students. Being a parent volunteer also has given me the opportunity to stay more involved in my children's education.

How do we define success for Chestermere Middle students?

Success for our students is based on personal excellence, which is different for each student and is celebrated in assemblies and in classrooms. Our assessment practices are based on formative assessment. We have seen a shift in how our students see their achievement. There is less ‘where am I in relation to the class’, and more ‘where am I with my learning’. Designated portfolio time is used to help students reflect, re-focus, and set goals to increase personal performance.

What makes our school good and how do we know?

Creating Universal Learning Environments (ULE) has been a continued focus this year. Universal Learning Environments provide accessible instruction and experiences for all learners. ULEs remove barriers to learning for individuals so they can achieve their personal best. Many factors contribute to the removal of barriers: flexible groupings, differentiated instruction, targeted interventions, Collaborative Problem Solving methods, alternate learning spaces, access to divisional supports, access to community supports, and individualized approaches to learning. We know our school is a good place to be because students are able to learn, build friendships, and become involved in the school and community.

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