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Cochrane High School (9-12)

Located in the Town of Cochrane

Acting Principal: Shirley Pepper

Address: 529 – 4th Ave. N.
Cochrane, Alberta, T4C 1Y6
Phone: 403-932-2542
Fax: 403-932-5133
Email: cochrane@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://cochrane.rockyview.ab.ca

HP_cochrane-highSchool Profile

Grade Configuration: French Immersion and English Grade 9 - 12
Student Population: 775
No. of Staff: 58


Attendance Area Map: Cochrane High

Education Plan

2011-2015—School Education Plan (Year 4)

Quotes from Parent Advocates

“At Cochrane High there is something for every student: academics, sports, performing arts, fine arts, clubs and community involvement. Not only does CHS provide a first-rate education, but the approach also is to develop well-rounded, well-educated, well-grounded students who are ready to make a positive contribution to society and to the world.” Pat P.

“Over the past 10 years we have had two children pass through the Cochrane High experience. From the brains and jocks to the drama talents and back again, we have seen the gamut of how the high school experience absolutely flourishes at CHS. From our perspective, the sheer volume of Rutherford Scholarships garnered and the championships won speaks to the quality of education provided. The wide variety of skills encouraged and the positive pulse of the school is terrific. At Cochrane High School 110% is not a catch phrase, it is a culture.” Karen B. & Bruce W.

How do we define success for Cochrane High students?

Academically, a Cochrane High graduate will be challenged and supported to achieve to the best of his/her ability in high school, and will develop a passion for learning that will carry on to post-secondary studies, life, and work. A Cochrane High graduate will participate actively and positively in citizenship and leadership in the school community, and transfer these skills into life. A Cochrane High graduate will pursue beyond high school his/her passions developed in the areas of sports, music, drama, leadership, photography, art, fashion, mechanics, construction, food services, and/or computer technology.

What makes our school good and how do we know?

This wordle was created from the results of our school annual results report and from a CHS created survey responded to by students, parents and teachers.

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