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Crossfield Elementary School (K-5)

Located in the Town of Crossfield

Principal: Bob Rodgers

Address: 1120 Mountain Avenue,
Crossfield, Alberta, T0M 0S0
Phone: 403-946-5696
Fax: 403-946-5737
Email: crossfld@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://crossfield.rockyview.ab.ca

HP_crossfieldSchool Profile

Grade Configuration:
Kindergarten - Grade 5
Student Population: 305
No. of Staff: 26


Attendance Area Map: Crossfield Elementary

Education Plan

2015 -2019 —School Education Plan



Quotes from Parent Advocates

"Being a mom of an elementary school kid is yet another role us moms get to play. As a mom when your kids come home from school and are excited about what they learned and can't wait to tell you about the fun science experiment they got to do, you can't help but smile. What a novel concept, learning can be fun! For almost five years I've learned phrases like home reading, fry words, math facts, Itchy’s alphabet, and the newest phrase, 21st Century Competencies. CES has allowed me to engage and learn with my children."

~Pam F.

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