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Indus School (K-9)

Located in the Hamlet of Indus (Chestermere Area)

Principal: Chael Wyper

Address: #7 Indus Court,
Indus, AB, T1X 0H7
Phone: 403-936-5855
Email: indusschool@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://indus.rockyview.ab.ca

HP_indusSchool Profile

Grade Configuration: Kindergarten - Grade 9
Student Population: 223
No. of  Staff: 20


Attendance Area Map: Indus School

Education Plan

2011-2015 — School Education Plan (Year 4)

Quote from Parent a Advocate

“I wanted to say that Indus School has been such a positive for us and I love the atmosphere and learning environment you have created. Our kids have benefited from the time, care and attention they have received. Words cannot express how lucky we feel to know that our kids are taught, mentored, and cared for each day safely and with such positivity.” Bobby-Lynn W., Parent of two Indus students

How do we define success for Indus students?

At Indus School our definition of success looks at the whole child, and how he or she demonstrates our community values. Students who work hard and apply creativity to their learning to rise to their personal best in academics, arts, and athletics are demonstrating accomplishment. Those who willingly embrace new tasks reflect their adventurous side.

Finding joy in day-to-day student life also is important, as are demonstrations of honesty and respect. These characteristics, combined with a willingness to provide service for the betterment of others, not only define success for our students, but also build spirit in each individual and the school community as a whole.

What makes our school good and how do we know?

Indus School provides a warm and welcoming working and learning environment for those who share their days here. We strive to challenge and support all learners in their curricular, extra-curricular, social, and emotional development. As a school, we are honest, reflective, and transparent as we continually look for ways to improve. Our recent Value Added School Review identified many strengths in our school, but also areas in which we can do a better job. We have not tried to downplay the concerns that were raised, but instead accepted the review’s findings at face value; already we have started to implement the recommendations. Building on our strengths, and willingly embracing efforts to improve our practice, models the same qualities that we ask of our students in their learning. But how do we know Indus School is good? We know because we see growth in our students every day, we know because we have parents tell us we are good, and we know because nearly a quarter of our students attend Indus from outside of our ‘catchment area.’ They are here, not because Indus is their designated school, but because they have chosen to attend for the educational experience provided.

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