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Rainbow Creek Elementary School (K-5)

Located in the City of Chestermere

Principal: Dawn Rife

Address: 285 West Creek Drive
Chestermere, Alberta, T1X 0L2
Phone:  403-273-8129
Fax: 403-273-0364
Email: rainbowcreek@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://rcreek.rockyview.ab.ca/

HP_rainbowcreekSchool Profile

Grade Configuration: Kindergarten - Grade 5
Student Population: 513
No. of Staff: 41


Attendance Area Map: Rainbow Creek Elementary

Education Plan

2015 - 2019 — School Education Plan (Year 2)






Quotes from Parent Advocates

“My children are in Grade 3 and Grade 1 and when I ask them what words they would use to describe their school they answered as follows:  Fun, nice people, lots of friends, and happy.  I might be able to describe the school more eloquently, but I could never capture the spirit of the school the way my children did here.  Rainbow Creek Elementary is more of an extension of home than it is an institution.  My daughter had to go home sick a few days ago and when I brought her to the school the next day we were stopped by the school office administrative assistants, the hot lunch coordinator, the classroom assistant, the teacher, the assistant-principal, the principal and various students - all of them asking how she was feeling.  I was touched but not at all surprised by this reaction."

"One of the easiest choices we made was to have our children attend Rainbow Creek Elementary School.  I am very pleased with how quickly they are advancing in their education, my grade 3 son is a reading buddy and is looking forward to even more opportunities to be a school leader, and volunteering as the chair of our school council is a pleasure for me an a great way to give back."

- Shali B.

"We're raising you to be adults, not kids!"  It's one of the statements my husband and I frequently remind our two girls, of both whom attend Rainbow Creek Elementary (RCE) currently.  With that in mind, school is a significant piece of the puzzle, ensuring the education provided meets the needs to one day complement the overall person that emerges from grade 12.  The environment at RCE is incredibly positive and supportive; the messaging to students and parents is encouraging  in words and actions.  Students are provided opportunities to be involved in the school community, to be a leader, and contribute in a manner that fits their personality and strengths.  Parents too, have countless opportunities to volunteer, be engaged and contribute to their children's and the school's success.  Thank you to all those individuals who make RCE an exceptional place for learning."

- McCol B.

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