Ralph McCall School (K-4)

Located in the City of Airdrie

Principal: Andrea Craigie

Address:  1505-1st Ave. SW
Airdrie, AB, T4B 2L9
Phone:  403-948-7030
Fax: 403-948-7301
Email: mccall@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://mccall.rockyview.ab.ca/

HP_ralphmccallSchool Profile

Grade Configuration: Kindergarten - Grade 4
Student Population: 595
No. of Staff: 55


Attendance Area Map

Education Plan

2015 - 2019 — School Education Plan

Quotes from Parent Advocates

"Upon visiting several schools before relocating to Airdrie it was instantly evident Ralph McCall would be a great fit for our three children. The staff and administration work diligently and lovingly to foster and nurture our children's learning experiences. Our children have been given tailored instruction, opportunity for growth, and empowerment for decision making. As parents, Ralph McCall School has supported us in continuing to meet the individual and unique needs of each of our children at home. We look forward to each of our children finishing their elementary years here."

Mom of children in Kindergarten, Grade 2 & Grade 4

"My son is fortunate to be involved with a school like Ralph McCall. The diversification of educational methods has him asking to be woken up earlier for school so he can "be ready to conquer the day better". The mix of staff, student teachers, volunteers, and the added bonus of older peers from CW Perry Middle School help each students' learning pattern be identified and flourish for growth. It isn't easy to keep a third graders attention, but I feel the Ralph McCall village does a great job of inspiring his need to know more.."

Dad of "an excited to get to school" Third Grader


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