RVS Community Learning Centre (9-12)

Campuses in Airdrie, Chestermere and Cochrane

Principal: Murray Arnold

Website: http://rvsclc.rockyview.ab.ca


Airdrie Campus South

Address: 120 Main Street SE,
Airdrie, AB, T4B 0P8

Phone:  403-948-4360
Fax: 403-207-4314
Email: rvsclc@rockyview.ab.ca
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Airdrie Campus North

Address: 125 Main Street SE, 
Airdrie, AB, T4B 0P8

Phone:  403-945-4161
Fax: 403-207-4314
Email: rvsclc@rockyview.ab.ca
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Chestermere Campus

Address: 133 Main Street,
Chestermere, AB, T1X 1V3

Phone:  403-235-0294
Fax: 403-207-4314
Email: rvsclc@rockyview.ab.ca
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Cochrane Campus

228 River Avenue
Cochrane, AB, T4C 2C1
Phone:  403-932-6131
Fax: 403-207-4314
Email: rvsclc@rockyview.ab.ca
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School Profile

Grade Configuration: 9 to 12
Student Population:
RVSCLC - 400
RVSO - 1500

No. of Staff:
RVSO - 18

Education Plan

2015 - 2019 – School Education Plan

At a Glance

Community Learning Centres (CLC) are alternative education sites that provide a program of education developed for students aged 15 to 19 years who are enrolled in grades 9 to 12 and who are unable to attend or benefit from a traditional school program. Grade 1-8 students can access a traditional Home Education program supervised by our staff.

Community Learning Centres account for different learning styles and allow students to learn at their own pace.  It offers a flexible and friendly environment in which students work independently on their studies but have the support of knowledgeable teachers.

Characteristics of CLC Students

The following list, not exhaustive, identifies students who may benefit from enrolment in a Community Learning Centre:

  • students who want to take their full high school program at a Community Learning Centre
  • students who prefer to their program at a self-directed pace
  • students who need only a few more courses for graduation
  • students who are working and cannot fit a traditional high school program into their schedules
  • students who have failed, been otherwise unsuccessful in high school or have dropped out
  • students coping with mental or physical health issues such as anxiety, depression or other medical problems
  • students who are involved in high level sports or fine arts making regular school attendance difficult
  • students who, because of their religious and cultural norms, find that traditional schools do not meet their needs
  • pregnant and parenting teens
  • students who have been directed by the Superintendent of Schools (designate) to a Community Learning Centre.


Student Eligibility

  1. Rocky View School (RVS) resident students may be eligible for admission to a CLC depending on the nature of the program required and the needs of the individual student.
  2. A resident student/parent may request to attend a CLC utilizing the applicable registration form.
  3. A student may be dually registered in a CLC and another school in RVS.
  4. When determining eligibility, the best interests of the individual student will be the deciding factor.
  5. A resident student may be referred to a CLC by the Superintendent of Schools/designate.

Registration Process

  • Students currently attending a CLC may choose to remain at a CLC
  • School staff who identify students who may be potential candidates for a CLC must contact the CLC administration prior to discussing the program with the student/parent/guardian and withdrawing the student from their school.
  • An information meeting with CLC representative(s) and student/family/guardian will occur to discuss program.
  • Once a meeting has occurred student/parent/guardian complete online application and submit most recent report card and IPP if applicable.
  • CLC representatives(s) will review student application, and support documents, and determine if program needs and student needs can be met at a Community Learning Centre and communicate such to the student/family/guardian.

Learning Plan

When a student is admitted to a CLC, the CLC principal will ensure that a learning plan is developed that includes the following:

  • Expectations of program which may include learning strategies, campus activities, assessment strategies, etc.
  • Attendance expectations
  • Behaviour expectations
  • Course completion expectations
  • Supports required (academic and personal)
  • Potential transition back to traditional school

Learner plan will be reviewed and potentially modified as required throughout the school year.

Quotes from Parent Advocates

"Rocky View Schools online learning for Math 20-1 & 30-1 course allows students a different way of learning. The flexibility of the course structure offered my son the ability to complete assignments at his own speed, and the opportunity to get instant evaluation on quizzes and tests. My son felt supported throughout the course, as he could access the teacher easily by utilizing multiple communication methods including zoom, email and in the classroom at the Airdrie campus."


The Community Learning Centre has had such a positive influence on our daughter this year. She has a very busy extra-curricular schedule and the flexibility of the program has allowed her to stay on top of her schoolwork, without missing instructional hours. Her ability to work efficiently and independently has improved immensely because of this. Her teachers have been a great support system for her and they are always willing to help. We are so grateful for this well thought out program that helps those that need something different from the traditional learning environment.


"The RVSCLC program has given our daughter the chance to excel in her classes as she can learn at her own pace. She can focus without the distractions of a classroom setting and is motivated to keep learning. She enjoys attending class on Wednesday morning as this gives her a chance to ask questions and get help with assignments. She has become more responsible and organized as a person. We are very pleased with her success this year. She will continue her studies next year with RVSCLC."


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