Sarah Thompson School (K-5)

Located in Langdon (Chestermere Area)

Principal: Ryan Siemens

Address: 42-4th Street,
Langdon, AB, T0J 1X1
Phone: 403-936-6141
Fax: 403-936-0281

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Grade Configuration: K - 5
Student Population: 359
Number of Staff: 25



Attendance Area Map: Sarah Thompson

Education Plan

2015 - 2019 — School Education Plan




Quotes from Parent Advocates

"Walking into Sarah Thompson right away you feel the warmth that the school has. You are first greeted by Mrs. Mckearney with a smile and a hello by name. This makes me feel so comfortable coming into the school.

I love that the school has lots of opportunities for volunteers to come and be part of the school, from volunteering I am able to walk down the school and get a smile and a hello from the staff and even get a hello from the kids that know me.

It is so good to see how the Sarah Thompson gets the kids involved, weather it?s helping deliver hot lunch, patrols, office helpers, making the morning announcements and so much more.

The lunch clubs they have, give the kids a little break from the regular routine of going outside and maybe get them to try new things or work together on something in a small group of all grades.

The music program at Sarah Thompson is so beneficial for the kids. It teaches them about mastering memory, coordination, a different emotional connection, helps them with their imagination, discipline along with many other benefits. They get to do a spring and Christmas concert, the older grades get to do a play. I love that they learn recorder and ukulele!!!

Every teacher that I have had to deal with has always had an open door policy and have always been opened to meeting before or after school if need be. I think the staff looks at all of the kids as their own and treat them like they are their own. There is a sense of family closeness at Sarah Thompson that I love!!!

Overall I feel like Sarah Thompson is an AMAZING school and has AMAZING staff."

Parent of a grade 1 and 2 student

"I appreciate the sense of inclusion, strive for leadership, and celebration of diversity that is the culture at Sarah Thompson. My daughter and I have always been greeted warmly, as if our presence has made the day better. What a priceless environment to foster academic and personal success!"

Parent of a grade 4 student

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