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General School Fees

Each year, our Board approves a fee schedule by March for the upcoming school year to support the costs of instructional resource fees and urban school bus passes. As well, they establish tuition fees for non-resident students. Most school fees are due Oct. 31, 2016. High school term 2 fees are due Feb. 28, 2017.

Beginning January 1, 2016, schools will no longer accept physical payments of cash, cheque, or credit card other than through the School Cash Online program for Board Established Instructional Resource Fees and School Established Optional Course Fees. Refer to procedure AP5105-Instructional Resource Fees 2016/2017 . Instructions have been posted for parents on how to register for School Cash Online.

2016/17 Instructional Resource Fees

Per Student Max. Per Family
Kindergarten* $25 $360
Grades 1 - 4 $105 $360
Grades 5 - 8 $105 $360
Grades 9 - 12 $145 $360
Summer School $85 --
Band $210 ($50 refund) --

*parents of children attending Kindergarten are responsible for field trip costs.

**Waiver of Board Established Instructional Resource Fees and School Established Optional Course Fees upon application shall be waived for parents of students who receive the Goods and Services Tax (GST) credit from the Government of Canada. This waiver is not applicable to the Board Established Instructional Resource Fees for Kindergarten. The deadline for submission of the waiver form is June 30th of the current school year. Form AR103 is available on RVS website.

2016/17 School Bus Fees

Per Student
Max. Per Family
Kindergarten $0 --
Gr. 1 - 12 Rural Resident Students $220
Gr. 1 - 12 Urban Resident Students $230 $460
Programs of Choice - programs which qualify for Alberta Education transportation funding - French Immersion.
$230 $460
Programs of Choice - programs which do not qualify for Alberta Education transportation funding.
$230 $460
Shuttle Services Between Springbank Middle and Springbank High School $230 $460
Non-Resident Students attending: Beiseker, Kathyrn, Indus,Westbrook, Crossfield, W.G. Murdoch $220 $440
Non-Resident Student accessing a school bus inside RVS boundaries
Non-Resident Students accessing a school bus outside the boundary of RVS $775 N/A
Rural Transportation Duplication Service Fee Applicable fee charged for transportation to both residences.

School bus passes for students receiving bus service (K - Grade 12) to all schools can be purchased through Rocky View's Transportation Department at 2651 Chinook Winds Dr. S.W, Airdrie.

Non-Alberta Resident Tuition Fees

Students who reside outside our jurisdiction but want to attend one of our schools may be required to pay a non-resident tuition fee. Information regarding non-resident tuition fees can be obtained by calling our Schools Department at 403.945.4015.

School Fees and School Supplies

Schools may charge additional fees for items such as field trips, hot lunch, etc. Fee schedules and school supply lists (K -Grades 12) are available at each school.

Fee Waiver/Rebate Applications


Waiver Application: 2016-2017 Instructional Resource Fees & Transportation Fees

Rebate Application: 2016-2017 Instructional Resource Fees (general school and summer school fees only)

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