Tschetter Colony School (Multi-Level)

Located in Tschetter Colony (Crossfield Area)

Principal: Fraser Montgomery

Teacher:  Jackie Hill
Assistant: Della Wise-Whelan

Address:  P.O. Box 147
Irricana, AB, T0M 1B0
Phone:  403-935-4502
Fax: 403-935-4549
Email:  tschetter@rockyview.ab.ca

School Profile

Grade Configuration: Multi-level
Student Population: 14
Number of Teachers: 1
Number of Support Staff: 1

Foundation Statements

Vision: Be all that you can be.

Mission: Support, advocate for, and assist colony students in their educational experience.

Beliefs/Principles: Every colony child has the right to an education that is based on his/her intellectual, social and physical well-being.

Quotes from Parent Advocates:

"I wish that when I was young, I had a teacher and school like the one we have here at Tschetter!"

"I wish I could come to school with my children!"

Unique features of our school include:

  • The ultimate multi-grade classroom: Some grades have only one student and some grades have multiple students; there are no more than three students in any one grade.
  • Curriculum for science and social studies may be taught on a rotating basis, not necessarily by grade.
  • Every student is an ESL learner, therefore language learning is the focus of daily activities.
  • Partnerships with ADLC and other Rocky View schools.

The ESL, multi-grade classroom means that all curriculums must be adapted for a very wide range of skill levels. We have one teacher and one classroom assistant to reach, instruct, model, and provide feedback and direction for a wide range of skills, grade levels, ages and abilities.

How do we define success for Tschetter Colony School students?

A successful student at Tschetter Colony School is self-motivated, confident, and a problem-solver. He or she has strong literacy and math skills and function capably in today's society, both on and off the colony.

What makes our school good and how do we know?

Our school is good because our students are happy and feel successful. They enjoy learning and are excited about new experiences. Our school is good because the teacher is an independent voice that welcomes colony input and is able to develop and extend curricular outcomes to student experiences outside of the colony. The excellent relationship between school staff and colony leaders makes our school a pleasant place to work and learn.

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