Tschetter Colony School (Multi-Level)

Located in Tschetter Colony (Crossfield Area)

Principal: Fraser Montgomery

Teacher:  Laureen Guenther
Assistant: Sharon Smith

Address:  P.O. Box 147
Irricana, AB, T0M 1B0
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/j5k2uygoQtk
Phone:  403-935-4549
Email:  tschetter@rockyview.ab.ca or lguenther@rockyview.ab.ca

School Profile

Grade Configuration: All grades in one classroom
Student Population: 20
Number of Teachers: 1
Number of Support Staff: 1

Foundation Statements

Vision: Whatever we do, we work at it with enthusiasm and all our ability.

Mission: We strive to teach, encourage, support and inspire every student to reach his or her potential in academics, relationships and character development.

Beliefs and Principles: Every child has the right to an education that helps develop his or her potential according to his or her unique gifts and interests.

Quotes from Parent:

"I am very satisfied with what you’re doing with the children. I can see a big difference in them, in their behaviour and work.”





Unique features of our school include:

  • We are a one-room school with all the enrichment of modern learning strategies and a well-developed understanding of how learning works.
  • We have 1-3 students in each grade.
  • Curriculum for social studies and science is usually taught on a rotating basis from year to year.
  • Every student is learning English as an additional language. Therefore, our classroom is a language-rich environment and language learning is a focus in all our activities.
  • All curricula is adapted for a full range of grades and ability levels.

How do we define success for Tschetter Colony School students?

A successful Tschetter Colony School student is confident, skilled and growing in reading, writing and mathematics. He or she has an ongoing interest and increasing understanding of the community, our country and the world.

What makes our school good and how do we know?

When our students are eager to come to school and feel happy because they know they’re learning; we know our school is a good school.


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