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W.G. Murdoch School (6-12)

Located in the Town of Crossfield

Principal: Garry Bell

Address:  Box 750
Crossfield, AB, T0M 0S0
Phone:  403-946-5665
Fax: 403-946-5669
Email: murdoch@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://murdoch.rockyview.ab.ca

HP_wgmurdochSchool Profile

Grade Configuration:
Grade 6 - 12
Student Population: 323
Number of Staff: 31


Attendance Area Map: W.G. Murdoch

Education Plan

2011-2014 — School Education Plan (Year 3)

Quotes from Parent Advocates

“I have two children that currently attend W.G. Murdoch. My eldest daughter is in Grade 12 and my son is in Grade 9. I want to express how pleased we have been with both our children's education. They have both been on the honour roll consistently since Grade 6 and have been awarded top academic and second highest average each year. This is not only due to their hard work, but to the tremendous dedication to all the teachers and staff at W.G. Murdoch. They go above and beyond to help my children exceed to the best of their ability. Both my children have been involved in the Passion for Sport program they implemented at the school a couple of years ago and it has enhanced their abilities and confidence in their chosen sport. W.G. Murdoch has given our children the tools to succeed not only academically, but in all areas that they will need when they move on to further their education. My daughter has been accepted to university in the fall and I have no doubt that she has a strong foundation from W.G. Murdoch.”








How do we define success for W.G. Murdoch students?

Our students are successful when learning opportunities are provided in a context that best meet the way they learn best and when they are academically and socially engaged in the school community. This is achieved by ensuring they are in the courses that best meet their passions and abilities and that a broad range of extra-curricular and elective opportunities exist for our students. Students also are successful when there exists readily available guidance and academic counselling services that can connect our students quickly to outside agencies when needed. Our students are successful when they demonstrate a strong work ethic and positive social skills that facilitate creating and achieving in a caring and engaging learning community. Students meet with success when parents are involved and engaged in their child’s learning from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 and when meaningful community partnerships exist to facilitate real-world connections in a variety of ways.

What makes our school good and how do we know?

W.G. Murdoch School is a not just a good school, but a great school because we work to create a supportive and caring learning community for all students and staff. We are dedicated to continually raising the bar as to what defines excellence in learning and teaching and to guide learners to pathways that best reflect their individual strengths and needs. W.G. Murdoch provides unique opportunities for its students with programs such as NSD hockey and a high performance drama and dance course. Each year, we work to create greater understanding through our professional learning and unwavering commitment to transform our school into an environment in which we connect with our world and build relationships our students, parents, and community at large.


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