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W.G. Murdoch School (6-12)

Located in the Town of Crossfield

Principal: Garry Bell

Address:  Box 750
Crossfield, AB, T0M 0S0
Phone:  403-946-5665
Fax: 403-946-5669
Email: murdoch@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://murdoch.rockyview.ab.ca

HP_wgmurdochSchool Profile

Grade Configuration:
Grade 6 - 12
Student Population: 311
Number of Staff: 30


Attendance Area Map: W.G. Murdoch

Education Plan

2011-2015 — School Education Plan (Year 4)

Quotes from Parent Advocates

“Benjamin Franklin stated "Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn." I learned very early in my parenting career that I would not be able to parent in isolation and my kids teachers would not be able to teach in isolation and that brought about a partnership with the teachers and administrators at WG Murdoch that I value everyday. My kids, 2 in grade 8 and 1 in grade 11 have seen a variety of successes in their learning due to the innovative, thinking outside the box and solution focused staff at the school. My kids are not expected to be the "average" kids. They are recognized and appreciated for their individual learning styles, humour and flair that they bring into the classroom everyday. Their strengths are called upon to add to their learning and to share in the learning of their peers. I find the teachers and administrators to be authentic, committed and with true goodwill in educating my children. They exemplify collaboration and strive for excellence which is really all we can ask for in any partnership.“


How do we define success for W.G. Murdoch students?

Our students are successful when learning opportunities are provided in a context that best meet the way he or she learns best and when they are academically and socially engaged in the school community. This is achieved by ensuring they are in the courses that best meet their passions and abilities. It is also achieved when they have access to a variety of learning environments that are flexible and responsive to individual specific needs. Students are successful when there exists readily available wrap-around services to meet academic and social/emotional needs. Our students are successful when they demonstrate a strong work ethic and positive social skills that facilitates creating and achieving in a caring, engaging learning community. Students meet with success when parents are involved and engaged in their child’s learning from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 and when meaningful community partnerships exist to facilitate real-world connections in a variety of ways.

What makes our school good and how do we know?

At W.G. Murdoch School, we work to create a supportive and caring learning community for all students and staff. We are dedicated to continually raising the bar as to what defines excellence in learning and teaching and to guide learners to pathways that best reflect their individual strengths and needs. W.G. Murdoch provides unique opportunities for its students with programs such as elite hockey, drama, and dance programs. Each year, we have an unwavering commitment to maintain an environment in which we connect with our world and build relationships with our students, parents and community at large. This includes investments in technology, plant modifications, professional learning and keeping abreast of the latest research and practices in our professional field.

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