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W.G. Murdoch School (6-12)

Located in the Town of Crossfield

Acting Principal: Ryan Reed

Address:  Box 750
Crossfield, AB, T0M 0S0
Phone:  403-946-5665
Fax: 403-946-5669
Email: murdoch@rockyview.ab.ca
Website: http://murdoch.rockyview.ab.ca

HP_wgmurdochSchool Profile

Grade Configuration:
Grade 6 - 12
Student Population: 329
Number of Staff: 28


Attendance Area Map: W.G. Murdoch

Education Plan

2015 - 2019 — School Education Plan


Quotes from Parent Advocates

"To have a successful school culture I think you need to have three key items: open lines of communication, a welcoming environment, and great people. WGM not only meets these three goals, but also exceeds them. Communication within our school is excellent, from weekly emails from teachers to the Trojan Times; one is always be up to date with the goings on. Whether you a student or a teacher, I think most people will find WGM to be a very welcoming environment, fantastic front end staff at the school work to ensure that parents and guests are always welcome and questions answered immediately. Lastly ... the People! The staff at WGM strive to ensure that they are leaders for our students, always pushing them to be the best they can be, both academically and as contributors to our community."

- Parent

"I feel, and experience, this extreme focus, and crazy effort from your teachers, from your support staff, from the students, and from the parents of WGM students. It's refreshing because you don't see this everywhere anymore; it's just so rare in this day, and age (where technology typically takes over) to still see the amount of caring, or personal accountability WGM actually gives, and takes. It's refreshing to see a community take action of we can control vs. what we cannot control to make a difference."

- Parent

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