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Student Experience in the PYP Exhibition
Principal Researcher: Jen Friske, University of Alberta
Learning, Breathing & Well-Being: Teachers' Reflections on Pedagogical Possibilities through Mindfulness by Kimberley Holmes
A thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy - Graduate Programs - ...
An Exploration of the Relationship Between Teachers' Subjective Well-being and Professional Learning Communities
Abstract and Summary. Principal Researcher - Susan Marie Graham. Contact Information: (phone) 403.282.5195 (email) SMGraham2009@hotmail.com
Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) - Summary
Principal Researcher - Matt King
Students' Views on the Nature of Science and the Influence of Attitude, Motivation and Learning Orientation on Development
Principal Researcher - Meadow Schroeder Contact Number: (403) 714-9642
Resiliency in Youth With Asperger's Disorder
Principal Researchers - Dr. Vicki Schwean and Dr. Donald Saklofske Co-Investigator - Adam W. McCrimmon Contact: (403) 220-7573
Increasing Parental Involvement - Parent Perception
Principal Researcher: Kristina Rentz (403) 948-5935
RVS Healthy Eating Evaluation Report
Principal Researcher - Farah Bandali (403) 943-6719
Collecting Kids: Triggering the Attachment Relflex in a High School Setting
Principal Researcher: Sandra L. Dame, M.Sc. sandra.dame@albertahealthservices.ca
Addressing Complex Aggressive Behaviour in a School Setting - Summary
Principal Researcher: Dr. John D. McLennan, MD, MPH, PhD; Susan Huculak, MA; Patricia Longair, BA Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary
Addressing Complex Aggressive Behaviour in a School Setting - Full Report
Principal Researcher: Dr. John D. McLennan, MD, MPH, PhD; Susan Huculak, MA; Patricia Longair, BA Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary
University–School Collaborative Action Research as an Alternative Model for Professional Development Through AISI
Principal Researcher - Dr. Martine Pellerin (pellerin@ualberta.ca) This article focuses on the nature of university–school partnerships implementing ...
Entitled "The Health of Canada's Young People: A Mental Health Focus", the report looks at the emotional and mental health of young people and its relationship ...
Investigating Teachers' Conceptions of Intelligence Abstract
Principal Researcher: David A. Carlgren, dave.carlgren@gmail.com
Evaluation Report for the L.E.N.S. Program (Learners in Engaging Networked Settings)
Executive Summary, Sharon Cairns, University of Calgary and Dan Hoch, Rocky View Schools
Graduation Coaching in a Rural District School
2012 Research Conference - Principal Researchers: Pamela J. Zeller, Shelly Carpenter, Warren E. Lacefield and E. Brooks Applegate
Tracking Students' Academic Progress in Data Rich but Analytically Poor Environments
2012 Research Conference - Principal Researchers: Warren E. Lacefield, E. Brooks, Applegate, Pamela J. Zeller, Shelly Carpenter
Response to Questioning in the Immersion Classroom
Stacy-Ann Pothier, Teacher, Elbow Valley Elementary School
Re-Awakening Wonder: Creativity in Elementary Mathematics
Leslie Waite, Teacher, Prairie Waters Elementary School
Leadership in Cultivating Technology Integration Survey
Barbara Anna Brown, Graduate Programs in Education, University of Calgary
Implementing a Collaborative Inquiry Model to Personalize & Coordinate Prof. Learning for Educators
Principal Investigator: Pamela Adams, PhD, University of Lethbridge
Developing Possibilities & Potentials - A Mentorship Journey Handbook
Alberta Education, Rocky View Schools, Chinook's Edge, University of Lethbridge
Pre-service Teacher Mentoring As Development for Teacher Instructional Leadership
Graduate Division of Educational Research, Justina Law, December 2013.
A Study of a Teacher Leader Going "Back" to the Classroom
Researcher: Elizabeth Munroe, PhD, St. Francis Xavier University - August 2010
Alberta Policy Coalition School Food Environment Survey Report
During the 2014/2015 academic year, the Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention (APCCP), Alberta Food Matters (AFM) and University of Alberta ...
Creating Inclusive Classrooms
EDU 900 Program Synthesis Paper - Jennifer Gervais - University of Calgary - June 2015
Understanding Math 10 Students' Experiences to Learn Mathematics
Abstract. Principal Researcher - Stephanie Smith