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Sample parent letter


Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Rocky View Schools is providing students access to a wide range of Google products. These products include,
but aren’t limited to, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sites. They are being offered to provide students a variety of tools to assist in their learning. Through the use of a number of these tools, students will be able to do their class work, collaborate with one another, and work outside of the walls of a traditional classroom.
As we discover the great educational potential of these tools, we also must strive to maintain an appropriate level of safety for our learners. As with the use of any technology, the use of these tools will continue to be an evolving practice that will reflect the changing needs of our students.

It should be noted that only students in select classrooms at our school will be receiving e-mail
accounts at this time; this is an option open to teachers and may be explored as the school year progresses and
in subsequent school years. Students will not be given e-mail accounts unless the school has received parental
permission and have indicated the level of access they want their child to have.

The following section can be added as is, but this can cause lots of confusion and extra paperwork. -- It might be better to have a school wide policy on the level of access students in your school are going to get.

Please indicate with a check mark the level of access you wish your child to have and return this form to school by ...

______a. fully active Gmail (send and receive from any email address)
______b. Gmail account that only functions within the RVS intranet (no external email allowed inbound or outbound)
______c. limited account that can only email assignments out but can't receive return emails.
______d. Gmail turned off but other Google Apps such as Google Docs, Calendar, Sites etc active

Rocky View Schools has been working with Google to create a secure online environment in which students can
work in collaboration. Students will be granted their own username and password that will be controlled by the
school division in conjunction with Google. Students and parents are required to complete a “Responsible Use
Agreement” prior to being provided an active username and password.

If you have any questions or comments please contact your child’s teacher by phone at (403)555-11111 or email,

Student Name (please print)

Parent Signature

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