Interactive Whiteboard Technologies

The software supplied with the three supported Interactive Whiteboard Technologies (IWBs) has very similar functionality and while the manufacturer's licensing stipulates not to use other IWB software with their board, all will work with any IWB providing you have the correct drivers installed. The functionality is in the software and drivers, not the board itself. Newer IWB technology, such as MimioInteractive Projector and Epson's Bright Link, do not require a specific board but utilizes a projector's infared capabilities to transfer information from the stylus to the software at a fraction of the cost of SMARTboards and Promethean boards. Carefully weigh out the pros and cons of each.

Many updates and changes in technology, especially with the introduction of mobile devices are beginning to change the nature of IWB. Using Apple TV or software such as AirServer or AirParrot can permit students with mobile devices to collaborate, interact and present without needing anything more than a projector and screen or painted wall. Teachers become more mobile and are no longer standing in front of the class.

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SMARTboards and Software



Apple TV/Airplay: Originally designed to wirelessly stream music and videos from iOS devices in the home, Apple TVs, combined with iPads, iPods and Macbooks and apps, are being used extensively in RVS as a replacement or supplement to IWBs. Apple TV technology effectively places the whiteboard in the hands of the teacher and students and allows the teacher to move freely around the room while teaching. Students are able to display the work they are doing on an iPad or other device.$109.00 + $65.00 for an adapter for projectors not equipped with an HDMI port.

AirServer, AirParrot, Reflector: Similar to Apple TV, these softwares permit iOS devices to screenshare with a computer, thereby permitting students to display their work. Up to 9 devices can be shown at once. Price depends on number of computers software is installed on.

Both Apple TV and the software can be password protected to prevent others on the wireless network from interrupting the signal. Passwords can be created manually or generated automatically. Set up on both types is relatively easy. Additional apps may be needed on non iOS.

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