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RVS Live Streaming

Rocky View Schools hosts its own server for broadcasting live events over the internet. This server can filter which channels are visible to selected audiences (student, teacher, guest, etc). Each school can create its own channel on the RVS Live Streaming Server and embed it into their school website. The content can be viewed on any screen - the desktop, mobile and the living room - on all popular media platforms. Common uses for Live Streaming include daily announcements, public performances, sporting events, press releases or conferences, TV or radio support for broadcasting courses.

Technical Requirements

In order to stream a live event from your school, you will need the following:


Quick Links

Front end (to get link and embed code for published video or channels)


Back end (to upload video, create and manage channels and video, accounts etc)


Channel Settings for Adobe Media Live Encoder

Private: rtmp://nexmedia.rockyview.ab.ca/live

Public: rtmp://nexmedia.rockyview.ab.ca/live-public

Broadcast Settings for audio and video that seem to work best


more to come...


Accounts & Passwords

An RVS Learning Specialist can create an account for your school on request. Your RVS Live Streaming Channel can be embedded into your school website. You can configure your channel to be public or password protected for teachers, students or guests.

Security & Privacy Information

Please ensure that you have all appropriate rights to video content you stream through your RVS Live Streaming Channel and that video featuring students or their work conforms to the RVS Student Digital Publishing Guidelines and the Use of Student Images/Work on the Internet Procedures.

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