Best Practices - RVS Podcasting & Online Video

CREATE videos easily with iMovie or Keynote. SHARE videos on your YouTube Channel or through Google Drive.

Create videos with iMovie on your RVS Laptop

Every teacher laptop comes with Apple iMovie in the Applications folder. If you haven't used iMovie before, you can familiarize yourself with it by viewing the Apple iMovie Tutorials on the Apple website.

Create and share videos with iOS devices

This tutorial shows you how to use iMovie for iOS on a mobile device to edit a film from shots on the device camera roll and then share the finished video through Google Drive.

Curate and share videos from your own RVS YouTube Channel

This tutorial shows you how to create your own YouTube Channel your RVS Google account and then curate, upload and share videos with your students.

Share videos through your RVS Google Drive

This tutorial shows you how to use Google Drive to share student videos privately.


Make Screen Recordings with QuickTime Player

This tutorial shows you how to make simple screen recordings on your new RVS laptop using QuickTime Player.

Create Narrated Videos with Keynote

This tutorial shows you how to use the Apple Keynote software to create a narrated video from a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation.


Help Pages & Forums

Google Drive Help Page and Google Drive Forum

YouTube Support Page and YouTube Forum

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