Innovators by Design

In RVS, We Believe...

Children are born innovators.

It’s how they learn the tough stuff, like walking and talking, feeding themselves and tying shoes. They try a lot and fail a lot. Once they’ve learned to say the word why, they just won’t stop
– and at Rocky View Schools, we don’t want them to.

Innovators ask a lot of questions and tackle problems that matter, to them, their families and their communities.

They consult with expert sources and people, far beyond the classroom. They bounce possibilities off fellow students and teachers and spark ideas that just might work.

They test their ideas in the real world. Trying, failing, asking more questions, redesigning, until they’ve earned success.

In the process, we work with families and communities to ensure students’ basic needs are met and guide them to acquire and practice fundamental math, reading and science skills. They learn to value diversity, and build cultural understanding and the foundation for healthy relationships.

They grow as critical thinkers, communicators and collaborators. And they develop self-reliance, empathy, resilience and perseverance.

In short, innovators accept the challenge of reaching their full potential. They are in demand in every sector of society and most likely to succeed at any endeavour.

That’s why at Rocky View Schools, the development of innovators happens by design.

A design that engages students as co-designers of their learning, empowering them to follow their passions and challenging them to new heights.

A design that moves beyond classroom walls to the natural world, building sites, farms, engineering firms, hospitals, zoos, museums and theatres.

A design where students share what they learn, so when one learns, we all learn.

A design that meets students where they are and supports them in the journey to where they need to and want to be.

A design that supports and encourages teachers, administrators and support staff to be innovators themselves.

At Rocky View Schools, we know our students go on to change the world. As contributing adults, they’ll bring their personal best to that important work.

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