Action on Inclusion

Rocky View Schools is committed to Alberta Education's call for "one inclusive education system where each student is successful." This means students are not physically or socially isolated because of special learning needs caused by such things as giftedness, disability or delay, learning English as an additional language, cultural or social-economic differences.

Universal Design for Learning strategies are the key to successfully including all learners and supporting their learning success. In the same way we modify architecture to provide access for people of all abilities, RVS modifies the learning environment so each student can meaningfully gain knowledge.

This includes providing multiple ways for students to acquire knowledge (e.g. hearing, seeing, manipulating, face-to-face, online), multiple ways of demonstrating what they know (e.g written, spoken, film, Powerpoint etc.) and multiple means of engagement to tap into their interests, increase motivation, and create appropriate challenges.

In the classroom, teachers support learning with scaffolding, supports that help the student achieve success, such as initially having the computer read a social studies resource to a student currently reading behind grade level.

RVS provides a larger scaffolding support in the form of the Continuum of Supports and Services model. This ensures students have additional supports or services, such as individualized learning instruction, when needed. RVS also builds a network of wrap-around community services, such as health and social service agencies to support learner success.

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