Individualized Program Plans

Alberta Education outlines programs of study by grade and identifies the learner outcomes, or goals of learning at each grade level. All students require flexible learning environments to grow as learners and achieve these learner outcomes.

For some learners, it's also important to be able to adapt or modify the program of study itself to align with their current level of growth as a learner. Students with some medical conditions, disorders or developmental delays may require individual programs, and students who are well ahead of curriculum goals may also required individuals program plans.

In these cases, teachers, parents and students collaborate in the development of an Individualized Program Plan or IPP. The plan is built on professional assessment of the student's current development as a learner and identification of their learning strengths, weaknesses and needs, which may include physical, behavioural, communication, cognitive and academic characteristics.

The Individual Program Plan will outline the professionals who need to collaborate to support the student in achieving his or her learning goals.

While the program of learning is individualized, and the needs of an individual learner may require that some learning take place outside a regular classroom, Rocky View is committed to inclusion and to building learning environments flexible enough to ensure students with diverse learning needs can learn together.

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