Social and Emotional Learning

Developing Skill in Managing Thoughts and Emotions for Positive Behaviour

Social and emotional learning is a process through which students acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and constructively problem-solve their way through challenging situations.

Social and emotional learning is at the core of developing many learner competencies, such as collaboration and self-directed learning. Social and emotional learning also is tied in with development of the ability to think about your thinking, or meta-cognition.

Strong evidence shows success in school and in life is strengthened as students develop the following skills:

  • Self-Awareness: identifying and recognizing emotions; accurate self-perception; recognizing strengths, needs, and values; self-efficacy (believing you have the ability to reach a goal)
  • Self-Management: impulse control and stress management; self-motivation and discipline; goal setting and organizational skills
  • Social Awareness: perspective taking; empathy; difference recognition; respect for others
  • Relationship Skills: communication, social engagement, and relationship building; working cooperatively; negotiation, refusal, and conflict management; help seeking
  • Responsible Decision-making: problem identification and situation analysis; problem solving; evaluation and reflection; personal, social, and ethical responsibility.

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