Janine Warner- Presentation

Reputation on the Line Online Safety Week Presentation at Telus Convention Center 2012

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“In the Internet age, by the time you meet someone in person, it’s too late to make a good first impression.

In our time together we’ll explore…

•Why “Vanity Searches” aren’t vain anymore

•How your online reputation can affect your personal and professional life – IRL

•Why Cyberbullying is different from other kinds of bullying

•Tips to protect your privacy online

•7 ways you can improve your online reputation

The Internet is like a small town with global reach!

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Part #1 Introductions and "Vanity Searches"

Part #2 Can you buy Cyber-Fame?

Part #3 Cyberbullying- How is it different from other types of bullying?

Part #4 Privacy Issues - What is your Candy bar? Tips to improve your Online identity.

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