Digital Health and Wellness

  1. Digital health and wellness refers to physical and psycho-social well-being in a technological world. Given the ever-increasing frequency with which students use technologies, particularly in their personal lives, health and wellness are areas that need to be addressed in the interest of developing well-balanced future citizens.

    In the physical health domain, the ergonomics of the work station have become more important than ever, given the frequency and duration of use of technologies. Some injuries that can be avoided include repetitive stress injuries, eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Simple solutions such as table height or screen placement can preclude health problems.

    In the psycho-social domain, it is recognized that a cultural shift is occurring with respect to what is expected of individuals in social settings, in relationship with others and especially in relationships with others through and with technology. The nature of highly mobile and highly connected technology will continue to place pressure on the nature of social connectedness, both physical and virtual.

    There is increasing concern that some people are becoming Internet addicted – namely exhibiting compulsive behaviour that interferes with normal living and causes high levels of stress on family, friends and one’s work environment (Young, 2009). Achieving balance will likely become an increasingly relevant characteristic of healthy citizens. Policy can play a role in guiding students and personnel as they seek balance.

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