Digital Citizenship Resources and Links

Digital Citizenship Resources

Digital Community, Digital Citizen - Jason Ohler’s (2010) book examines digital citizenship and how it fits within the broader context of citizenship of the past and citizenship of the future. Link to the book:

Digital Citizenship in Schools, 2nd Edition – Mike Ribble’s 2011 book examines digital citizenship, provides a framework of nine elements and offers lessons associated with the nine elements. Link to the book:

Digital Citizenship.Net - Mike Ribble’s website serves as a core resource in the area of digital citizenship in the classroom. Link to the site:

Educational Origami – Andrew Churches’ wiki provides some excellent resources on digital citizenship and 21st Century pedagogy, teachers, learning spaces and assessment. Link to the site: – This website provides information on digital citizenship for educators, parents and youth. It encourages responsible digital citizenship and shares specific advice and resources on social networking and cyberbullying. Link to the website:

Digital Citizenship Resources – This website provides content from other sites in a “binder” format. The content is directed at teachers, parents and students with content for students broken into grade ranges. Link to the website:


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