Effective March 1, 2022, COVID-19-related protocols previously required of schools/school authorities are removed by the Government of Alberta. As we have done since the start of the pandemic, RVS will align our approach with this new government direction. Starting Tuesday, March 1, we will lift protocols that are no longer required by government and schools will be begin the journey to return to normal operations.

Several health practices will continue at this time:

  • Use of Alberta Daily Health Checklist and staying home when sick
  • Encouraging washing of hands and coughing or sneezing into an elbow or tissue
  • Optional use of masks by students, staff, and visitors
  • Cleaning of high touch surfaces
  • Enhanced ventilation practices in our facilities 

Schools will continue to have the ability to consider previous and current operational practices that have worked well in their school communities. This includes approaches such as staggered lunch and recess times, changes to assemblies, and online options for conferences and meetings. Questions about individual school practices should be directed to your school.

Daily Health Checklist Usage and Staying Home When Sick
Students, staff and visitors are expected to use the Alberta Daily Health Checklist prior to coming to school. Parents/guardians play an essential role as they support actions in the home (such as keeping children/students home when sick). If a student becomes ill while at school, the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick them up.

Hand Hygiene
We will continue to promote routine washing of hands and/or use of sanitizer. Sanitizer will be available in schools.

Enhanced High-Touch Cleaning
RVS will continue with frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces. 

RVS utilizes enhanced ventilation with high density filters, maximizes fresh air and air return systems to increase air flow, ensures systems are operating within manufacturers expectations, and replaces filters more often than manufacturers recommend.

Field Trips
Field trips are only permitted within Alberta for the 2021/22 school year and schools must follow the process as per RVS’ Field Trip Manual.

Grade 12 Diploma Exams
January diploma exams were cancelled. A decision by the province will be made later in 2022 regarding April and June diploma exams.

Isolations and Quarantines
Please see Alberta Daily Health Checklist for specific direction on isolation and quarantine requirements.

RVS encourages all those eligible to get vaccinated but does not require it.

Temporary Shifts to At-Home Learning
RVS monitors student and staff attendance as a means of identifying challenging situations where a temporary shift to at-home learning may be warranted. The Superintendent can shift a class or a grade in a school to temporary at-home learning for up to 10 calendar days. The decision to move an entire school or all of RVS to temporary at-home learning is a decision of Alberta Education. Should RVS believe this is necessary we will need to provide data to government related to staffing challenges, student absenteeism, operational challenges, current classes and grades moved to at-home learning already, and other relevant local data.

These guides provide families with information on what to expect in the event a class, grade or school needs to shift to at-home learning.

Supporting Learning While Self-Isolating or Ill
If a child needs to stay home due to illness, classroom teachers will provide key work for the student to work on while at home. Homework bundles or tasks will be provided to the student by the regular teacher, but they will not be engaging in at-home learning.

Resources from the Government of Alberta

Student Travel
The Government of Canada has established mandatory requirements for international travel.

RVS follows all federal and provincial public health measures and asks that staff and families be aware of restrictions before travelling. Please visit the Government of Canada website for the most current requirements as they may change.

The fact sheets on the Government of Canada website provide more information on returning from international travel and what health measures may exist, depending on your situation.


RVS emails updates to parents as necessary when changes to the operational plan occur or when the province releases important information/changes. RVS-wide parent emails are posted here along with other updates from the division or province.