Fall Curriculum Implementation

RVS Teachers Prepare to Deliver New Alberta Kindergarten – Grade 6 Curriculum in September

Posted on 08/31/2022
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Starting in September 2022, curriculum changes will be made to Kindergarten – Grade 6 English Language Arts and Literature, Mathematics, and Physical Education and Wellness across Alberta.

RVS teachers are being well supported in learning the new curriculum and they will continue to explore and receive guidance on new ways of bringing it into their classrooms. Our teachers are lifelong learners who are accustomed to working with new material, adapting their practices, teaching new grades and using a variety of means of teaching to support the needs of their students. While the curriculum is new to all of us, our responsibility to meet the diverse and evolving learning needs of students is not new – and that will not change. Our teachers will continue to deliver a world-class education to our students through strategies and learnings they have gained through their experience, professional learnings and through collaboration with their colleagues.

Some things to know about the new curriculum:

  • There are fewer learner outcomes; however, the content is rich with a strong focus on reading, writing and math.
  • With broader learner outcomes, reporting in PowerSchool will be easier for parents to navigate. 
  • We remain committed to ongoing communication around your child’s learning; report cards will not change.
  • The curriculum directs what teachers need to cover in their classrooms and they will continue to have the flexibility to bring their own innovative and engaging ways of delivering the mandated content.
  • Teachers will infuse a play-based approach in younger grades where possible or where it fits with the curriculum.
  • Students will continue to receive individualized support as needed.
  • Our teachers will continue to focus on strong teaching practices and supporting students in their social and emotional needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about how the new curriculum will be delivered in your child’s classroom, please contact your school’s administration or teachers. You can also visit the new LearnAlberta for more detail on the new curriculum including parent-specific information.

While other subjects will remain, school authorities can decide to pilot the government’s draft Kindergarten – Grade 6 curriculum in Science and French immersion language arts and literature. Approximately 40 teachers across the division are choosing to pilot these drafts and will be in touch with their families to let them know. 

We are looking forward to another great school year!