Building the Power to Enrich

Rocky View Schools is proud to have one of the finest public education systems in Alberta. Through the dedication and commitment of our school communities, Trustees, and Education Centre staff, over the past three years we have collectively embarked on a transformational journey to retool our education system to portraitlearnermeet the needs of today’s 21st Century Learner, and ultimately, the future success of our communities.

This path has disrupted the status quo, challenged us to question our assumptions and current practices, and moved us towards building a culture of creation, whereby each of us has the responsibility to ensure our children develop new capacities and skills to successfully thrive in a diverse, networked society, characterized by global competition, rapid advancements in technology, and systemic innovation.

Rocky View Schools’ 2011-2014 Three Year Plan is about taking our transformation to the next level. It outlines a framework that promises to move our system from a level of awareness to a point of action.  The plan aims to “build the power to enrich” by focusing on four main drivers: ensuring universal accessibility, focusing on personalized, authentic-based learning, building 21st Century competencies, and accelerating research and innovation. These drivers illuminate the need to prototype new models of learning, to breathe new life into the K-12 curriculum, to inspire learners to construct and deepen their knowledge and understanding, and to embrace emerging technologies to expand our learning environments. Most importantly, this Three Year Plan highlights the importance of everyone concerned about education – not just students, parents and educators - to deepen our networking power to encourage ‘collective intelligence’ and ‘distributed innovation’ that will extend learning beyond the walls of our classrooms, our school system, and our communities. In doing so, we will provide the catalyst for today’s learners to create economically strong, vibrant, and productive communities in the future.

As outlined in Alberta Education’s June 2010 “Inspiring Action on Education “… Alberta must shift from its historic dependence on natural resources and primary products to higher value derivations of those products. We also must continue to diversify in areas such as biosciences, life sciences, information technology, nanotechnology and other knowledge-based products and services … our world has moved in a new direction, and education must keep step.”

In Rocky View Schools, we are proud to say our education system is keeping pace. But as good as our jurisdiction is today, we know further challenges have yet to be faced and that substantive improvements will need to be achieved. Rocky View Schools is committed to working collaboratively with its stakeholders in the planning and delivery of educational services. We invite you to help build the power to enrich by reading through and becoming familiar with our first "digital" Three Year Plan for the 2011-2014 school years. An abbreviated, paper version of the plan will be distributed to school councils, staff, educational and municipal partners in the fall. It also will be available through RVS' Education Centre at 2651 Chinook Winds Drive, SW, Airdire. To find out how you, your company or your organization can become involved contact us at 403.945.4012.





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