Assessment Policy & Procedure

Primary Goal

The primary goal of assessment and communication of student learning is to help students learn better and help teachers teach better.

In the type of hands-on, real life learning that builds both brains and 21st Century competencies, assessment must be integrated with the learning experience. It should help students see the goal of learning and empower them to be a part of assessing their own progress. It should support meaningful dialogue between the teacher and student and offer opportunities to improve or be further challenged. Assessment should be designed to focus on a broad range of outcomes that reflect the whole range of skill development needed to become masters of cooking with information.


All assessment within RVS Schools must:

  • Be based on the appropriate Alberta Education Program of Study;
  • Provide opportunities for students to use accommodations and/or assistive technology as appropriate;
  • Focus on a range of outcomes reflecting multiple dimensions of skill development;
  • Be based on individual rather than group achievement;
  • Separate effort, participation, attitude, and attendance and other behaviours that are not curriculum based from academic achievement;
  • Use learning tasks, such as homework, as a source of formative assessment which are not to be factored into a student's achievement grade.

No single assessment will be the main source of evidence for achievement. Teachers responsible for the same course or grade within a school should base assessments on common learning expectations.

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