Role of Provincial Testing

Student Performance at Grades 6, and 9

Provincial assessments are administered to Grades 6 and 9 students.


  • to determine if students are learning what they are expected to learn;
  • to report to Albertans how well students have achieved provincial standards at given points in their schooling; and
  • to assist schools, jurisdictions, and the province in monitoring and improving student learning.

Test scores for students in these grades are shared with parents. The achievement tests assess only part of what students have learned, however, and cannot tell the full story of individual achievement at grade level. At Grade 6 teachers have the option of using provincial achievement test results for up to 10 percent of final grades, while at Grade 9 it may be up to 25 percent.

For this reason, teachers gather a body of evidence of student learning. This balanced assessment is a more valid, fair, and reliable measure of progress than a single set of tests can be.

Diploma Exams Grade 12

The final grade for diploma examination courses is determined by using the diploma exam result for 30 percent of the final grade and the school-awarded mark for 70 percent. Final blended scores of between 47.5 percent and 49.5 percent are rounded up to 50 percent.


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