High-Tech Tools

Computer Operating Systems & Accessibility

Both Microsoft and Apple Computers recognize the importance of making computers accessible to all users.  As such, each company has built into its operating systems some accessibility tools that enable users to customize their computers to fit their individual learning needs.

In Rocky View Schools, the two primary operating systems used are Windows XP and Mac OSX v.10.5 (Leopard).  Some of the Macs in our schools may be equipped with Mac OSX v.10.4 (Tiger) or Mac OSX v.10.6 (Snow Leopard). To find out more about the accessibility features in each of these operating systems, please follow this link.

Specialized Software

  • talking word processors
  • word prediction software
  • screen reading software
  • scan-and-read software

Dedicated Communication Devices

Specialized Computer Access Devices

  • touch screens

  • alternative keyboards

  • adapted mice

  • refreshable Braille display

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