Blended Learning

Combining the Best of Face-to-Face and Digital Learning

Rocky View Schools embraces a blended learning model, combining the best of online learning tools with the best of face-to-face learning strategies.

To use an analogy, if early settlers were planning to build a house, a trip to the hardware store might offer them an assortment of hammers, handsaws, and nails to work with. They would have sketched their designs on a piece of paper, or even paced it out in the dirt.

Today, house builders have computer-automated design tools, and a trip to the hardware store offers them sophisticated power tools that give a better result in a fraction of the time. But the local hardware store still sells handsaws, hammers, and nails. The most sophisticated tool isn’t always the right tool, but the ability to choose the right tool for the right job enhances the quality of the work.

The same is true for learning. Effective teachers help students develop learner competencies by matching the right learning tool to the right student, for the right challenge at the right time.

The flexibility of this blended learning approach improves learning for each learner by enabling personalized learning at any time, any place and at any pace.

blended learning

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