Building the Power to Enrich - Year Three

A Focus on Building Universal Learning Environments

Universal Learning Environments is a relatively new and loosely ULEused concept surfacing in education. In fact, if you Google the term it’s hard to find it referenced and fully explored on the Internet. Despite its abstruse nature, the pursuit to create universal learning environments is well entrenched in Rocky View Schools and a major focal point of its 2011-2014 Three Year Plan – Year 3.

Leaning on the expertise and wisdom of the University of Alberta’s Kathy Howery, RVS’ school communities are busy redefining their physical environments, curricula, and teaching methods to accommodate the wide diversity of learning needs and individual differences among students. They also are being attentive to the safe and timely access to extra supports, interventions, equipment and adjustments to their classroom environment to ensure an inclusive learning environment is achieved.

Significant change is required to reach a point where we will be able to say we have achieved our goals, but we can say in confidence that both educators and learners are genuinely working towards charted progress. To learn more about your school’s efforts to build Universal Learning Environment, watch for the release of the “2011-2014 - Year 3 School Education Plans”, where principals will highlight the success achieved to date.

We invite you to help RVS continue on its journey to build the “Power to Enrich” by reading through and becoming familiar with our third "digital" Three Year Plan for the 2011-2014 school years. An abbreviated, paper version of the plan will be distributed to school councils, staff, and educational and municipal partners in the fall. It also will be available through RVS' Education Centre at 2651 Chinook Winds Drive, SW, Airdrie.

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