2010/11 AERR - Engaging 21st C learners

En•gage: verb, (-gaged, -gag•ing) - to occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons), e.g., He engaged her in conversation. Synonyms - absorb, engross, interest, involve.  

Since 2008 Rocky View Schools (RVS) raison d'être has been to ‘Engage 21st C Learners’. As defined by its made in 2008-2011 Rocky View Three Year Plan, RVS hasportraitlearner forged a roadmap to move 21st C learning from rhetoric to practice to inspire students to become inquisitive, informed and intelligent citizens, workers, and family and community members.

The road has been arduous and success dependent on a set of essential conditions that led to 21st C learning in schools. Rocky View Schools’ 2010/2011 Annual Education Results Report (AERR) reflects upon these conditions, which outline the need to develop a collaborative, widely communicated, forward-thinking vision of 21st Century learning. It reviews RVS’ success in aligning policy, instruction, assessment, professional learning, and infrastructure to its vision to create a culture of system thinking. Further, the report provides evidence that purposeful effort is being made to promote 21st C competencies in all students through the advancement of research-based innovative practices and the celebration of authentic learning, facilitated by thoughtful use of Web 2.0 technologies. Lastly, RVS’ 2010/2011 AERR takes a look back at the past three years in an effort to demonstrate that the jurisdiction has put in place the metrics, measures, and processes to ensure all stakeholders are held accountable for high performance as defined by RVS’ vision of 21st C teaching and learning.

At this point in the journey, RVS has come to understand the roadmap to 21st C learning and student engagement hinges on the readiness of an organization. Without first actualizing these essential conditions, teachers are not equipped, nor have the tools, to help students build the capacity for metacognition, which asks students to take active control over their thinking and learn how to strengthen their thought processes so they are poised to solve problems, think critically, create, collaborate, innovate and communicate.

We invite you to join our jurisdiction in its 21st C learning pursuit by reading through our 2010-2011 Annual Education Results Report. As always, we maintain an open door policy and welcome the opportunity to address your questions by calling 403.945.4012.




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