2010-2011 Bow Valley - iPads for Humanities

The apple iPad is in essence a computer that is capable of countless tasks that could be infused into a humanity classroom setting. The tight integration with Bow Valley High School’s podcast producer / mac server and technologies that the division introducing, (ie moodle, google apps), make it the perfect fit.

"Media are mere vehicles that deliver instruction but do not influence achievement any more than the truck that delivers our groceries causes changes in our nutrition." Clarke

The described technology is not to change already innovative teaching practices but to a tool to enhance access and streamline workflows.

Innovative Strategy
•the ability to have a word processor, internet, and research resources at the students finger tips is invaluable.
•the ability to create and collaborate with other students via google apps
•tight integration with mac os server (managing apps, and file transfers)
•the ability to have all class resources in a single device. (books, videos, presentations, podcasts, etc)
•with the introduction of iOS 4.2 the ability to edit videos locally will be introduced.
•the ability to utilize mind tools to enhance their learning
•view podcasts created with interactive white board during class.
•integration with moodle
•create a paperless workflow (using tools such as iAnnotate, google reader)

Improved Learning Possibilities
•students will have the opportunity to access digital resources via a continuous connection to the internet or locally stored on the iPad.
•students will have the ability to practice writing several pieces of text that will provide greater transition to writing the diploma exam.

Connection to RVS 21st Century learning Strategy

This project aligns with Goal 2 and Goal 5 of the RVS 21st Century Learning Strategy.
Goal 2 (Collect, publish and celebrate successful 21st Century practices Research, and where viable, implement programs, courses and delivery models that facilitate student engagement in learning). This practice will be piloted in the Humanities classroom and then shared with the larger school community. Piloting students and parents will be asked for feedback by the teacher.

Goal 5 Develop and deploy 21st Century learning models.
• Collect, publish and celebrate best instructional practices.

Best practices will be suggested, dialogue will occur and further trials suggested in specific subject areas.

Connection to School Education Plan
The integration and use of iPad’s will continue to cement the commitment of staff in developing 21st Century learning skills. This learning will be shared with the larger Bow Valley community, including parents.

The “Podcast Producer 2” was well received by students, parents and staff. The introduction of iPad’s will hopefully generate the same enthusiasm as Bow Valley continues to focus on technology as an achievement. The acquisition of iPad’s will also assist with one of our Challenges Ahead being Curriculum and Technology Implementation for 21st Century Learning. The opportunity for professional learning around the use of iPad’s helps expand teacher repetoires.

Specific Education Plan Goal Connections:
Goal Two: Students succeed as 21st century learners
-Infuse 21st Century skills into instructional practice
-Provide professional learning opportunities regarding ipad’s

Goal Six: Learning Environments enable the acquisition of 21st century skills
-Use of ipad by students and staff

30 iPads $18540
BG366C/A iPad Wi-Fi 16GB 10 Pack w/AppleCare Protection Plan - Auto Enroll Included $6180
30 Keyboard Docs $ 2370
MC533LL/B iPad Keyboard Dock $79
Software and accessories $2000
                        Total $22,910


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Kim Serheynko

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