2010-2011 Elbow Valley - iPad Research


Student learning will be engaged through the use of a highly interactive tool for learning that provides immediate feedback in terms of learning content and progress.

To ultimately provide learning opportunities for all students that are reflective of a 21st century learning environment.

We are removing barriers for all students by providing them with an educational tool that supports differentiated learning for all types of learners.

Description of the technology, the innovative strategy being implemented and improved learning possibilities

The iPad is a tablet computer. It is controlled by a multitouch display. It uses wi-fi for internet access. It is managed through iTunes which provides access to a multitude of applications that can directly apply to the curriculum across grade levels. The larger screen, in comparison to an iTouch, is more user friendly and supports maturing hand eye coordination with young children. The touch feature is more intuitive for young children when compared with lap top use.

The iPad comes with a screen reader, support for playback of closed-captioned content, and other innovative universal access features. There’s no additional software to buy or install. These features make iPad easier to use for students who have a vision impairment, are deaf or hard of hearing, or have a physical or learning disability.

Level of innovation and creativity
The iPad allows for teachers to design learning by developing and accessing innovative and creative learning opportunities. As a result student learning will be improved. The Apps store provides infinite opportunities for students and teachers to be challenged and motivated. This technology will continuously evolve and expand.

Potential student engagement & Number of students
The iPad project at EVE will take place in: Mrs. Beloglowka’s Kindergarten classroom, Mme. Wilkie’s ½ FI classroom, Mrs. Morris’ grade 3 classroom, Mrs. Neufeld’s grade 4 classroom, Ms. Barrington’s gifted and talented groups and Mrs. Gatfield’s Learning Strategies room. Approximately 100 students and 6 teachers will be involved at the start of the projects with the ultimate goal of integrating the class set of iPads throughout the school of 550 students.

Potential for improved student learning & How do you envision your students using the technologies?

Collaboration – students / teachers / schools

The team plans to explore iPad use across grade and ability levels the following ways.
· Kindergarten will explore using the iPad as in interactive learning centre making use of primary literacy and numeracy apps. The iPad can be used by the SLP and OT as they work with students on IPP goals. The iPad can then be used in class to practice the goals these children are working on.
· The combined ½ French immersion classroom will explore French language app options available to improve upon the listening and reading outcomes of the French language arts curriculum, while differentiating between the two grades and the range of language abilities.
· The grade 3 classroom will explore instant access to life skill information thus promoting ubiquitous thinking skills: dictionary, thesaurus, web site content i.e.: rocks and minerals, weather and author biographies.
· The grade 4 classroom will explore the use of the iPad for research in science and differentiation in math.
· In gifted and talented groups it is anticipated that the iPad will provide challenge within their differentiated programs. Allowing students to become more independent in their research and critical thinking.
· In Learning Strategies children will have the opportunity to use the universal access features of the iPad. Complex learners will be able to work on improving specific skills according to their learning needs; sight words, spelling skills, phonetic and reading comprehension skills.

Anticipated outcomes
· student learning will be improved across the grade levels with this one multidimensional educational tool
· teachers involved in the project will be able to share gained knowledge with each other and other RVS staff, interschool visitations are welcome
· older students will have opportunities to guide younger students in iPad skills,

30 16GB I pads (30x$549) $16,470.00
Bretford Mobility Cart for storing and charging up to 30 iPads $1,999.99
Software and apps purchases $1,500.00
iPad dock connector to VGA adaptor (use with document camera) $29.00
Apple iPad case (30x$39) $1170.00
                      Total including 5%GST: $20,337.44

Options to reduce total that would become school expenses: remove software funds, remove iPad case funds and/or reduce the number of iPads purchased. We’ll take and use as many as you are willing to fund, although our preference is to have a class set and our grade 4’s are at 29 and 30.

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