2011-2012 Bow Valley Nike+ Project Findings

Research Question:

The question we posed to ourselves was how do we incorporate the BVHS One to One scenario and the seemingly opposite goals of being active in the PE Curriculum. In other words how can we incorporate 21 century learning without increasing the amount of time students are sedentary.


Project Description:

Upon Receiving the Nike plus technology we began to familiarize ourselves with the capabilities and limitations of the product. We also began a planning process to determine the best way to infuse this technology into our curriculum.


Research Findings:

We received the materials quite late and at a busy time. It took a lot of time to prep the bands and sensors for student use. This included charging all components individually, Labeling each individual component and a storage solution. With further exploration it became apparent that there were some ideas and applications we were thinking of that would not be possible. The exciting part was we found some ways to use the technology that are really engaging and exciting. The first exposure was to a group of grade tens, male and female. There were a number of initial issues I will outline in the trouble shooting section. After meeting these challenges the feedback though anecdotal was excellent. Students seemed genuinely motivated to use the technology and some went as far to go and purchase their own that same week! This first usage was during Fitweek. We did not go much further in May and June as the Nike Website shutdown for upgrades. We have however made major strides in implementation this semester.



Recommendations for others:

  • Set up, Charging, Labelling is time consuming
  • Need to plan storage
  • Sustainability is still a question mark at this point (Need to devise some sort of fee schedule to maintain and replace stock
  • Software download best done at home
  • Sensors compete so at home setting seems best practice
  • Be prepared for a lot of questions regarding Synch process



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