2011-2012 Bow Valley - Nike+ Project

Bow Valley High School Physical Education Nike+ Project
Date: September 30, 2011
Name: Matt Baugh/ Glen Brooker
Location: Bow Valley High School
Budget: $8364.30

Technology is an integral part of life and we are becoming increasingly more reliant on it than ever before. The large advancements in technology have changed the way we look and do things because the technologies that we use make everything we do much more efficient. As teachers and society become more comfortable with various technologies, it is likely that technology will be implemented in all areas of the educational curriculum. Technology has become a major focus in the classroom settings, especially Physical Education classrooms. Physical Education educators have been exploring the implementation of various technologies for quite a long time. The explosion of the Internet has inspired teachers to use web technology to access resources, connect to professional organizations, engage in communication, and supplement class materials. In recent years, the growth in fitness equipment has skyrocketed and the marriage of gaming and fitness has completely changed the outlook and approach to ways to stay active and in shape.  The technology that Bow Valley High School Physical Education Department is looking to implement is the Nike+ Sports Kit.  The Nike+ Sports Kit is a device that measures and records the distance and pace of a walk or run. The Nike+ consists of a small accelerometer attached to or embedded in a shoe, which communicates with either the Nike+ Sport band or an iPod/iPad.  The Sports Kit can be used to track running, which it refers to as "workouts". The user chooses a goal for the workout, which may include:  covering a specific distance, burning a number of calories, working out for a specified time. A workout can also be started without a goal, which is called a "Basic Workout". Audio feedback is provided to the user throughout the course of the workout, depending on the type of workout chosen. For goal-oriented workouts, the feedback will correspond to significant milestones toward the goal. In a distance workout, for example, the audio feedback will inform the user as each mile has been completed, as well as when the half-way point of the workout occurs, and a countdown of four 100-meter increments at the end of the workout.
Innovative Strategies and Student Use of Technology
Students at Bow Valley are rapidly being immersed into 21st Century learning in all curricular aspects of study. This being the reality, we need to create these 21st experiences in our Physical Education department also. With the implementation of these wristbands, students are able to access information about their performance, make decisions about personal training, and develop concise decisions about personal improvement and development while completing physical training. As students in the Sports Performance and Physical Education streams interact with this technology, students are engaged through self-discovery and awareness of their own physical performance. This information is at their fingertips: assessment is no longer subjective of physical development, but readily seen by students. That said, the greatest assets associated with this technology are the opportunities for the engagement of multiple modalities of learning in an otherwise one-dimensional realm of study. These bands provide a gateway for students to get excited about their own personal development and healthy lifestyle through a technological transport.

Connection to RVS 21st Century learning Strategy
    This project aligns with Goal 3 and 4 of the RVS 21st Century Learning Strategy.
• Goal 3 – Instruction challenges and engages the learner (3.1, 3.3, 3.4)
Student engagement in Kinesthetic study through multiple modes of learning become invaluable for the learning of a diverse student body. The acquisition of this technology presents an avenue of challenge and new window into physical study for the students at Bow Valley High School. In addition, the application and implementation of this technology into existing study creates new discovery, development and study opportunities for students. Students are given a new window into their physical performance that is otherwise not readily available to them.
• Goal 4 – Learning environments enable the acquisition of 21st Century skills (4.1, 4.3)
As students experiment with this new technology, they are enabled to be self-directed and innovative learners as they respond to the new knowledge and information around physical development and wellness. Further, these students must develop strategies to deal with new technology and communicate their understanding of an abstract representation of physical phenomenon.

Connection to School Education Plan
This project aligns with Goal 3 and 4 of the RVS 21st Century Learning Strategy.
• Goal 3 – Instructional design challenges and engages the learner
In any kinesthetic study, challenge is often readily associated with engagement. This technology provides new insight into physical development of students, which in turn creates new challenges based on or informed by the interpretation and response to technological data from physical activity. Students are presented with a new way to interpret their physical development, which opens a window for staff to create meaningful lesson content based on the response to physical data provided.
• Goal 4 – Learning environments enable the acquisition of 21st Century skills
As previously stated, students are able to respond to this new technology and gain valuable skills as 21st Century learners as well as become technologically literate students. In a school that is continually developing its pursuit of seamless integration of one-to-one computing, we must continue to foster this learning in all areas of curricular study and provide meaningful ways to capture learning in all courses. As students become familiar with 21st technology in their core curricular classes, we must foster that same learning environment, opportunities, and skills in the kinesthetic streams simultaneously.

Detailed Budget for the Technologies
Nike+ sports band              199.00x35      $6965.00
Nike+ sensor kit               29.99x35    $  1049.65
Nike+ shoe attachment         9.99x35    $  349.65

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