2011-2012 Ralph McCall School - 1:1 iPads

Big Idea:

I am looking to implement engaging technology that will allow students to access the curriculum through a medium with which they are familiar, comfortable and excited about. This technology is easy to use and very interactive. The technology will enable me to quickly differentiate for all abilities within my classroom.

Technology Requested:

I am looking to implement a scope of technology that combines iPads with Apple TV as a wireless mirroring display.

• I am currently an Apple Developer who is testing the iOS 5 Beta operating system for iPad 2, iPhone 4, Apple TV. The new iOS 5 allows the iPhone and iPad 2 to be wireless mirrored onto a display through Apple TV as its hub. Apple has implemented the Apple TV with a HDMI out port only. After extensively checking our current projector inventory I have not discovered a single projector that has an HDMI input. Therefore, I would need a projector that has a HDMI input.

• iPads have a ten hour battery life which will last the entire school day. They are also 'always on' devices (no shut down or boot up) which allows for short transition times between different activities and students.

• iPads are exceptionally easy to use. I am currently implementing iPads along with another colleague to make digital storybooks. I am currently borrowing various iPads from our Resource, Early Literacy and ESL programs for a half hour block each week. There is really no learning curve as far as the input interface. The students just know what to do and already come with prior knowledge of the operating system.

• There are many productivity apps available that allow students to create word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, iMovie like projects, digital storybooks and even comic strips. All of these products can be transferred to other computers to be viewed by a larger audience or even printed off. In conjunction with Apple TV, students can instantaneously showcase their work in class, in front of their own peers. This showcasing “effect” allows for self-assessment and peer assessment on the fly.

• Access to many different books via either the iBook store, amazon.com or even PDF's. Many of these books can be read by the device itself through the built in speech software.

• Using the Apple TV as a wireless mirror display, we have essentially put an interactive “whiteboard” into the students’ hands. At any given time and with literally “4 taps” on the device itself, the students can wirelessly project their work to the entire class. This showcasing “effect” engages the students and creates a further “love of learning.” I plan on putting all of these devices into the hands of my students so that they can interact with an engaging piece of technology, while also interacting with their particular curriculum.



I am seeking a set of 25 iPads for use as engaging technology for students in all subjects of the curriculum, highlighting these four areas:

• Engagement – all stakeholders (parents, teachers and students) are aware and excited of this new form of technology. Students find it engaging because of its ease of use and accessibility. Students see the device and want to keep using it as it is so flexible and sets them up for success so readily.

• Showcasing – whenever I am working with iPads, I can ask a student to instantly showcase the work they are doing via Apple TV. Not only can they showcase their work, they can interact with the content they are projecting, essentially turning each iPad into interactive whiteboards.

• Feedback – as they project their work, peer feedback is continuous. As well, I can work in small groups to garner authentic peer feedback in a less stressful and “mistake-free” environment.

• Portability – these devices can be portable around the school and on different outside school excursions. The students can record their experiences, come back to the class and showcase what they have compiled. Again, technology in their hands.


Cost and Budget:




iPad 2 (Wifi, 16 GB)


$519.00 + gst


Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPad


$2599.95 + gst

= $2729.95

MacBook Air (11- inch : 128 GB)


$1149.00 + gst

= $1206.45

Cases for iPads


$30.00 + gst


Software (Apps)






$1500 + gst


Apple TV


$119 + gst





**Ralph McCall School has iPads in the school since their inception, approximately 15 months ago. There has not been a single repair cost associated with an iPad versus MacBook’s repairs, which cost our school approximately $5000 last year alone.


**The Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPads allows me to sync all iPads simultaneously as opposed to one at a time. Which is a HUGE time saver in Elementary.

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