2011-2012 R.J. Hawkey - 1:1 iPads for Sport LENS Program

Purpose: Provide a class set of iPads and wireless keyboards to meet the needs of the 21st century learner.


Proposal: With the rapid advancements in technology I am looking to transform and retool RJ Hawkey’s Sports L.E.N.S (Learning in Engaging Networking Setting) program. As technological leader and mentor I would enhance my understanding of technology infusion and bring my understanding to our staff.  Along with RVS, I am hoping to move our program at R.J. Hawkey from “Good to Great”. This proposal will be aimed to assist all stakeholders in RVS to disrupt the status quo. Through universal accessibility focused on personalized and authentic-based learning, students, teachers, principals, support staff and parents will extend their knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom.


With R.J. Hawkey already having our L.E.N.S program in place, I would be able to focus their already high interest into becoming a better athlete or growing desire to work in such industries such as sports medicine, finance, fitness, marketing, media, management and sales into an ubiquitous environment. I aspire to have my digital natives in the Grade 4 Sports L.E.N.S class using iPads as a daily tool in an inquiry based setting to further their 21st century competencies. Through the collective intelligence that the Internet bestows, students will be provided the opportunity to excel in the future of Sports’ multi billion dollar industry. Here is an extremely short list of applications that would be used within our Sports and Athletic L.E.N.S:


ð     iMuscle & 3D4 Medical Images– Students are able to see, rotate, manipulate and understand the functions of the human anatomy with each muscle in different states as they as they perform athletic movements. (Science – Simple and Complex Machines)

ð     SI Magazine – Students are able to read current sports articles within a Daily 5 setting. Sports Illustrated provides an excellent array of articles such as this week’s current article of “Sports Saves The World” which examines humanitarian grassroots programs involving tens of thousands of participants around the globe. Where visionaries are using athletics to tackle the most pressing problems of third world countries. This app allows students to read the article along with related podcasts, videos and thoughts of other famous athletes.

ð     Zinio – Students are allowed to read the “Hockey News” within a Daily 5 Setting. Students within the Sports L.E.N.S tend to show much more interest reading current up to minute stories with multimedia applications, rather than dated information in printed books and week or month old magazines. Other apps such as TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN Score Centre XL, CBC Hockey, CBC News, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Globe News, National Post and a long list of others, provide current up date articles with supporting video and other multimedia tools for students to engage in and blog within the class. These apps provide an excellent tool to lead up to our Sports Journalism Unit at the end of the year, where students will have the opportunity to chat with on TV personalities, print journalists, and other MSM (Main Stream Media) personalities.

ð     NHL Game Center – Allows students to track their players’ stats during the season in a yearlong Math (addition and multiplication) hockey pool draft.

ð     CapGeek.com – Students are able to build their own fantasy roster within the current salary cap. Students are provided with real life problems to work within the Math curriculum.

ð     Coachpad –Students are able to explain the basic or subtle nuances of their game of choice.

ð     F1 Timing App – Students are able to work within current up to date times from Formula 1 racing as they are learning within the Math curriculum.

ð     Twitter – Follow their favorite athletes (pre screened) during Daily 5 reading time.

ð     Video editor – Students are able to record, edit and breakdown their mechanics against a professional athlete in a given sport and then post their findings on our class web page where other students can comment on them. Furthermore, students will be able to use iPads in creating their own highlight packages for our school’s intramural leagues, which also ties into their Sports Journalism unit.

ð     Face Time – I have already lined up multiple high school and amateur athletes within the province who are willing to use face time with our students to discuss their sports, goals and successes. Also through Face Time, students will be able to connect to other students throughout the province to discuss similarities and differences between the two communities.


While working with Google email accounts, students would use Docs or Apple’s new iCloud as a writing tool and device to store their information each and every day. Furthermore, they would also be using these non-sports and athletics apps:

ð     Course Notes & Paper Helper – which fosters an inquiry based approach to education as students are able to browse the internet on half of the screen while jotting down their findings on the other half.

ð     Documents to Go Premium – Students can use any Microsoft Office program with this app.

ð     iBooks – Novel studies will never be the same after students are able to read on their iPads. Students will be able to look up words that they don’t understand with the touch of a button on their dictionary app. Students will also be able to use the Dragon Dictation app with their iBook novel and have it play the dialog as the student reads at the same time.

ð     TRAC (Airdrie Public Library) – Opportunity to download 5 books at a time from the local library.

ð     NASA – Looking at the Moon and other planets (Science -Light and Shadow)

ð     Flower Garden  & RBC New Wild Garden – Students plant and grow flowers in real time learning what it takes to grow certain types of plants and trees, then they are able to send their plants away to others. (Science – Plants)

ð     iDinobook – Students can study and rotate dinosaur bones and artifacts  (Social – Fossils)

ð     Busuu  & iTranslator – Translate and work with basic French sentences (French)

ð     Mathboard – Add/Subtract/Multiply/ Divide Questions in interactive games (Math)

ð     Kids World Map – Compare and contrast different areas of the world and Alberta (Social)

ð     Animation Creator & Omni Sketch – Students can make their own animated cartoon come to life (Art)

ð     iSpy Cameras – Live look in at multiple cities around the world. (Science – Light and Shadows & Social)

ð     Score this Math Game – Creating their own score sheets for math games.


These are a small selection of what is available now for students to use on their iPads. New iPad apps are developed and being introduced, so the options are limitless. RVS 1st goal in the Year Plan states that learning should be universally accessible. With R.J. Hawkey located in low-income housing, most students do not have the same opportunities that other students share in other areas. There currently are numerous students who do not have a computer or Internet at home. This proposal will provide these students to have an equal opportunity that other students currently have in other areas in our division. RVS 3rd goal in the 3YP speaks to the importance of instructional design and practice. iPads in the classroom will provide multiple learning pathways through purposefully designed instruction which in turn will inspire learners to go beyond the learning environment to construct and deepen their knowledge and understanding.


The theory of multiple intelligences proposes a major transformation in the way our schools are run. It suggests that teachers be trained to present their lessons in a wide variety of ways using multimedia, music, cooperative learning, art activities, role playing, inner reflection, and much more. iPads will allow students to engage in meaningful classroom learning experiences. Based on UbD, they will allow students to hone their problem solving, creative thinking and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, I view a classroom based on UDL (expression and representation), where Grade 4 students are demonstrating their Knowledge of Assessment by building their own web pages, working on creating their own apps or presenting their knowledge to someone sitting on the other side of the planet.

Collaboration: As a leader in technology integration at R.J Hawkey I feel that it is my duty to share as much information with students, colleagues and parents as I can. Not only would I be willing to share our classroom’s collective intelligence and distribute our new innovative practices with other learners in RVS learning model, I want to. R.J. Hawkey’s L.E.N.S program is already set up to allow our Grade 4 students to mentor the Grade 2 & 3 Sports and Athletic students. Currently we already have daily contact with the Grade 3 class and meet multiple times each week with the Grade 2 class. Our School’s L.E.N.S program has already put in place the proper info structure to allow for greater cooperative & collaboratative learning setting based on common interest of students.

I thank you for your time. I know if this proposal is successful, with my knowledge of iPads and commitment, it will be the strongest innovative strategies project put into place in RVS.

Budget:  (All to be purchased through Apple Education Discount)

(27) 16GB iPads with Apple Care Protection Plan, wireless keyboards, polyurethane covers, screen covers = $18,279 + GST

(1) Bretford PowerSync Cart = $2479 + GST

(1) 13.3” Macbook 250GB with Apple Care Protection Plan = $1082 + GST

$300 in Apple Store Credit (Apps)

Total = $22,140


Respectfully Submitted,

Heath Klein

R.J Hawkey

Sports L.E.N.S Team Leader / Grade 4 Team Leader

hklein@rockyview.ab.ca   (w) 403-948-3939  (c) 403-700-2936

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