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2011-2012 Edwards - Video Technologies for Empowering Student Leadership

Innovative Strategies and Technology Proposal

Submitted by: Cristy Leonard-Glaspey (

École Edwards Elementary

Video Technologies for Empowering Student Leadership

Engaged Learners– Providing our learners with opportunities to film and provide video content in on-demand and live streaming formats creates a community of engagement, through collaboration, critical thinking, and the infusion of technologies such as the utilization of RVSTube.
Enriched Learners – The ability to provide video content in an accessible format to our learning community creates a level of deep enrichment that will continue to stimulate and propel our learners forward.
Empowered Learners – Student leadership permeates the school culture at École Edwards.  This project will create new leadership opportunities for our leaders to be empowered self-directed learners.
Description of the technology, the innovative strategy being implemented and improved learning possibilities
•    This project proposes hardware items that support increased production of student centered videos – camera, wireless microphones, boom microphone, light stands, spot lights
•    With these enhanced tools for generating video in streaming as well as on-demand formats, many intriguing applications are possible, coupled with the use of RVSTube, including:
o    Student-led announcements, available both internally and externally (in a password protected format)
o    Continued student leadership focus (Leader in Me)
o    Broadcasting of school-wide events – available externally
o    Ability to archive guest speaker visits and access at a later date
•    Additionally, several Professional Learning applications become possible, including:
o    Ability to build capacity within the jurisdiction by filming best practices (eg, Daily 5 Literacy, Leader in Me) and provide access through RVSTube
o    Ability to use equipment coupled with RVSTube technology to film teacher practice as a reflective tool
o    Increase the opportunities for “Anytime, Anyplace, Any path, Any place” professional learning by building an archive of videos for Professional Learning (ie guest speakers, differentiated school-based break-out sessions)
It is believed that the increased opportunities for flexible, differentiated Professional Learning will have an impact on improving teacher practice, and therefore, student learning.  

How do you envision your students using the technologies?
Students will continue to build on their leadership experiences by using the hardware to film and produce videos, such as public service announcements for our school community, viewable through our daily video announcements.  Empowering student leaders to generate these videos further entrenches the “Leader in Me” culture throughout the building and potentially beyond. 

Connection to 21st Century learning, three year education plan and the school education plan
21st Century Learning – attributes – innovator, communicator, collaborator, civically engaged, information and media literate
RVS 3YP - Outcomes
2.1 Learners direct and feel ownership for their learning.
2.2 Learners demonstrate 21st Century competencies.
2.3 Learners demonstrate global stewardship.
3.1 Learning occurs any time, any place, any path, any pace.
4.1 Learners use digital technologies to enhance learning.
4.3 Learning is generative, responsive, and multi-dimensional.

École Edwards SEP Outcomes and Strategies

Goal 1- Develop authentic leadership roles for all learners
Develop a digital repository for French Immersion (FI) resources for parent/guardian accessibility
Develop shared resources for Daily5/CAFE
    Presentations about 21st century teaching/learning at school council meetings
Communicate to parents (via newsletters, school council, visual media) services available within the community

Goal 2     -Communicate to parents via newsletters, school council and visual media the ways in which we are teaching 21st century competencies   
Staff participate in regular professional learning with a focus on UDL (Universal Design for Learning), essential questions, clear targets and authentic assessment practices   

Goal 3    -Establish authentic leadership opportunities for all through Leader in Me
Utilization of examples and current research on exemplary 21st century practice

Goal 4 - Provide regular PL (Professional Learning) for technology integration (including web 2.0 tools and use of the actual tools)
Budget for the technologies  (Total $4770)
-Sony Camcorder bundle - $1800
-Tripod -$200
-External Microphone - $380
-MacBook computer for encoding video $1500
-Cart to facilitate mobility - $230
-Extra Light Source - $200
Sub release time for building internal capacity –(2 X $230) - $460

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