Advocacy Positions

Working for our Communities!

As publicly elected officials to Rocky View Schools’ (RVS) Board of Trustees, we are advocates for public education and are entrusted with the role of ensuring that appropriate supports are in place to meet the individual needs of students, whether they be teaching and learning resources, staffing, or facilities. Our service to the public requires that we identify, address, and seek resolution to educational issues, as well as work with the government to continually improve Alberta’s K-12 system.

Our Board understands that enrolment growth and the increasing diversity of our classrooms and communities pose many opportunities and challenges for policy makers and educators alike. To nurture community ownership and enhance the value of public education, we are firm proponents that current investments reflect a balance between local needs and government priorities, thereby ensuring future growth and prosperity across Alberta. Encouraged by the direction of government and its collaborative approach in working with all Albertans, we ask you to join our Board in advocating for our top three priorities:

  • Equitable Access to Funding
  • New Schools for Growing Jurisdictions
  • Provincial Review on Inclusion

For full insight into the Board's position, please access its Advocacy Communique.

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