Champions of Public Education

Providing Oversight of the Public Education System

Rocky View Schools’ trustees are community members from all walks of life, elected by the community to provide thoughtful oversight of the public education system.

The community entrusts them with creating the conditions in which students and teachers can do their best work. They’re asked to chart ambitious education and capital plans and to create budgets, then hold the superintendent responsible for turning their vision into reality.

As leaders, trustees also are asked to model the type of real-world, problem-solving learning that permeates Rocky View Schools. In other words, they model collaboration, team-work and an innovator mindset.

Like RVS students do in their own work, trustees begin with big questions: What learning outcomes are most important to students, parents, teachers, our local communities and provincial government? What conditions are required to foster innovation? What stands in the way of students achieving their potential and how can we move beyond these barriers?

To answer such questions, trustees keep open doors and open minds, engaging in deliberate consultations and actively listening to a wide variety of stakeholder groups.

In crafting solutions, Trustees collaborate as they review and consider information from expert multiple sources. Exercising critical thinking, creativity and innovation, Trustees align direction, identify priorities, allocate resources and review performance, unifying efforts across the system towards achieving its goals.

It’s a tall order and few citizens put their names forward for the challenge.

What unites trustees is a passion for community and a deeply-held belief that the key to a bright future is to provide the best supports possible to the development and growth of our youngest citizens.

Trustees are champions of education willing to roll up their sleeves and work with all who share their commitment to providing the best possible education for every student in Rocky View Schools.

Watch the video below to hear Trustees talk about what it means to "champion public education" in Rocky View Schools and Alberta today.


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