At RVS we are focused on our students’ futures. We are:


Advancing students’ numeracy and literacy skills

Numeracy and literacy skills remain the cornerstone of learning; building these skills in students is critical for all our teachers. RVS is committed to using proven, research-based, effective strategies to help students read, write and perform math. Our AERR will showcase the results of this focus.

Building future-ready students

RVS students will be ready for the future, in any path they choose. This will be accomplished through the achievement of Alberta student competencies: critical thinking, communication, problem solving, collaboration, managing information, cultural and global citizenship, creativity and innovation, and personal growth and well-being.

Creating inclusive, engaging, healthy learning opportunities for all students

While focusing on numeracy, literacy and critical student competencies, RVS students will also find joy and engagement in their learning. Consistent teaching practices help to create positive and inclusive learning experiences for everyone; RVS will use division practice guides to assist with this to help create inclusive, engaging and healthy learning opportunities for all.

View our Education Plan to learn more.