Policies & Procedures

The Board of Trustees create policies, and the Superintendent of Schools creates administrative procedures which support the division’s vision to be "a world class learning organization where all students achieve their absolute best.” 

Board Policies

Policy development is a key responsibility of the Board. Policies constitute the will of the Board in determining how the division will operate. Policies provide effective direction for the action of the Board, Superintendent, staff, students and stakeholders. Policies also serve as sources of information and processes to all who may be interested in or connected with the operation of the division. Adoption of new Board policies or revision of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the Board.

Administrative Procedures 

Administrative Procedures provide written direction from the Superintendent of Schools to staff, students, families, visitors and other school entities on how the division is to operate. They may also provide operational details on the implementation of Board Policies. They are made public to provide transparency to stakeholders on how the division is expected to operate.