High School


High school is a time of great personal and academic growth for students. At RVS, we offer an array of courses designed to spark students’ interest as well as core programming. Each of our high schools offers different optional courses to best serve their student communities. RVS also offers several part- and full-time programs both in and out of traditional classrooms, giving our students many opportunities to connect to their passions and interests.  

Please view the Reach Beyond Your Classroom fact sheet for more information on opportunities outside of regular classrooms.

RVS also offers French Immersion, Advanced Placement (contact your school for more information), home education and online school for high school.

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Visit Schools to find a school in your area. 


Registration can be completed online or in person. For more information, visit Grade 1 - 12 Registration.

Before registering your child, please review the important documentation you will need on hand.

Assessment and Communication of Student Learning 

Students are assessed based on outcomes in Alberta’s K to 12 curriculum and programs of study.

Teachers use a variety of strategies to communicate student progress and achievement. Communication about student achievement includes summary information, narratives about their strengths, areas for improvement and next steps.

Parents/guardians can access their children’s learning progress throughout the year through the PowerSchool portal. This real-time reporting means data is available any time, without waiting for scheduled report cards. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to check in with their child’s teacher as desired. For more information, please see our Parent Guide to Real-Time Reporting.

Parents/guardians will be invited to meet with their child’s teacher in the fall and spring to discuss the student’s progress.

High school students receive final marks for each course at the end of each semester. This could include final exam marks or diploma exam marks. These marks are available in the PowerSchool portal after the end of each semester.

More Information

Contact your neighbourhood school or RVS Schools Department