French Immersion

Immersing Students in French Culture

RVS’ French Immersion program offers Kindergarten – Grade 12 students from non-French speaking backgrounds the opportunity to become highly proficient in Canada’s two official languages, and gain insight and understanding into other cultures. A unique opportunity to go beyond learning ‘about French’ to learning ‘through French,’ RVS’ Immersion program develops students’ communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, while also strengthening first-language skills.


Within the bounds of Alberta Education’s approved curriculum, RVS' French Immersion program immerses students in the French language and culture through classroom instruction. In Kindergarten – Grade 2, students are instructed mostly in French. More formal English instruction is incorporated in the program at the Grade 3 – 12 level. Extra-curricular activities, including music, theatre and dance, create a well-rounded experience for French Immersion students.


Immersion is suitable for children of all academic abilities. Children who enjoy language, listen effectively, handle new situations using positive coping strategies and demonstrate a curiosity to explore, experiment and make connections generally fare well in an immersion setting. 

RVS offers an early immersion program, which means children can start French Immersion in Kindergarten or Grade 1. See French Language Education in Alberta – Overview for more information. 



Registration can be completed online or in person. For more information, visit Kindergarten Registration or Grade 1 – 12 Registration

Before registering your child, please review the important documentation you will need on hand.

More Information

Contact your local French Immersion location or RVS Learning Department