English Language Learners

RVS’ English Language Learners (ELL) are supported through our neighborhood schools. The inclusive environment of our schools helps to advance students’ English skills and provide the support students need.

Our classrooms celebrate the diversity of our students while preparing them for the changing global community through meaningful and challenging experiences.

Schools are responsible for assessing a student’s language proficiency and developing the appropriate classroom supports. The student’s ELL status is reviewed annually with an assessment of their proficiency in English.

Most ELL supports will take place in the student’s regular classroom with their regular classroom teacher. Supports vary from school to school depending on the needs of the student, the number of ELL students in the school, and how the school has organized itself to address ELL needs. Every teacher has the responsibility of meeting the learning needs of ELL learners, providing a program that is tailored to support the educational needs of each student.

More Information

For information on ELL programming contact your local school or RVS Learning Services