Pre-Kindergarten Program

RVS is committed to providing exceptional early childhood programming within a welcoming and inclusive environment. Our Pre-Kindergarten Program offers a child-centered, play-based approach which aims to provide engaging experiences that reflect the developmental needs of all children and builds on their natural curiosity. In partnership with families, learning is designed to nurture the whole child within an accessible and supportive environment.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program has a well-established reputation within the community for providing exceptional programming for children who require additional supports in specific areas of their development. While this continues to be a priority, Pre-Kindergarten is open to all children, regardless of need, through the application process.

Early Intervention

Early intervention is important for children who require additional supports and services to grow and thrive. Children with developmental, medical or social-emotional needs may receive services from the Learning Supports team of professionals (e.g., speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, psychologist, family-school liaison). The teacher, along with members of this team, will work together with the family to create an individualized plan that will support each child’s growth and development within the classroom setting.


RVS values play and acknowledges its vital role in overall healthy development. In our program, children interact with others and explore their interests through play in ways that are interesting and engaging for them. It is through play that children learn, practice and apply new skills, thereby laying a strong foundation for later learning.

Through a play-based approach, the following skills are fostered:


  • Language development (listening, following directions, asking and answering questions, sharing thoughts and ideas/conversation skills, vocabulary development)
  • Imagination/creative expression
  • Reasoning/independent problem-solving


  • Cooperation, sharing and turn taking
  • Compromise/negotiation
  • Reciprocal conversation
  • Self-regulation


  • Identification and management of emotions
  • Empathy
  • Self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Flexibility (e.g., trying new things)
  • Sense of belonging


  • Large and small muscle groups (fine and gross motor development)

Families as Partners

Parents/guardians are their child’s first teacher and play an integral role in their education. In the RVS Pre-Kindergarten Program, parents/guardians are valued members of the team. Collaboration between the home and school is encouraged with the goal of establishing consistency across environments and supporting children and families.


Children between the ages of two years, eight months and four years, eight months on Sept. 1 of the application year are eligible for the RVS Pre-Kindergarten Program.


The programs are in Chestermere, Airdrie and Cochrane.

How to Apply

Pre-Kindergarten Application

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